BMW 5 Series Saloon BMW 5 Series Saloon


Family, business, pleasure.

The classic saloon design has always had a wide range of utility, making it suitable for virtually any on-road purpose, from family road trips to luxury business travel. BMW’s modern take on the saloon adds an extra dimension of style. On top of this, they also add the latest driving technology to the experience and optional M Sport upgrades; the school run, daily commute or driving holiday can be so much more enjoyable now.

BMW Saloons Collage BMW Saloons Collage

What is a saloon?

A saloon is typically a mid to large sized car, and they were initially built to take passengers and their luggage from A to B, undercover and out of the elements. The modern saloon, as crafted by BMW, offers a great combination of space, styling and security. It’s a family car, an executive car and a racecar.

The iconic saloon exterior is centred on flowing lines and soft curves. The driving experience is elevated by luxurious interiors packed with technology, making it one of the most popular BMW model types available.

BMW Saloons Collage BMW Saloons Collage

Sports saloon cars.

Larger cars can tend to steer away from boasting a sporty exterior, but not the BMW Saloon models. It has a slick sports body shape, and still has room for the whole family; there’s no need to sacrifice style for practicality.

The 5-door saloon, with its coupé-like silhouette, turns heads even in the most mundane situations. Sleek body work and refined lines, with the addition of optional Sport upgrades, means that you can have a great looking saloon car with all the enhanced driving features you love.

M Sport models and BMW M Performance Accessories are available for all BMW Saloons.

BMW 3 Series Saloon Side BMW 3 Series Saloon Side

Explore the BMW Saloon models.

From the family-minded BMW 3 Series to the more business-suited BMW 5 Series or the luxurious BMW 7 Series, there’s a perfect saloon for every situation.