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Driving with intelligence.

The BMW Plug-in Hybrid range takes the best of BMW’s combustion engines, using renowned EfficientDynamics, and marries it to modern battery technology and an electric motor. The result is a BMW with two power sources, but more so, it’s a totally responsive drive, with zero emissions at the point of use*. 

BMW Plug-in Hybrid Collage BMW Plug-in Hybrid Collage

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid vehicle is any car that is driven by two power sources. In the case of BMW's Plug-in Hybrid models, this is achieved by the use of a small electric engine working in tandem with a petrol engine. The advantage to hybrid cars over conventional cars is that the same level of performance is delivered with lower running costs and reduced emissions. At the same time, hybrid cars offer the same excellent range and convenience of a model with a traditional engine.

BMW Plug-in Hybrid Collage BMW Plug-in Hybrid Collage

Hybrid battery life.

When it comes to range, BMW’s lithium-ion batteries vary depending on the nature and driving style of the driver. However, with BMW EfficientDynamics and different driving modes, such as eDrive, you’ll always get the optimum combination of responsiveness and fuel consumption.

On short trips up to 41 miles, the BMW Plug-in Hybrid models are powered completely by their electric engines; on longer trips, fuel consumption varies depending on model type and total distance travelled.

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Explore the BMW Plug-in Hybrid models.

The BMW Plug-in Hybrid range represents a leap in modern mobility, and delivers tomorrow’s driving experience, today.

*Zero emissions at the point of use. This means that any emissions created in generating the electricity to charge the batteries is not included. For completely zero emissions, the electricity must come from a zero emissions source, such as solar panels.