BMW 1 Series 3-door Sports Hatch BMW 1 Series 3-door Sports Hatch


Jack of all trades. Master of one.

BMW Hatchbacks are superb all-rounders, with three or five doors, and are designed for families looking for a practical yet playful vehicle. There are different names for BMW Hatchback models; the BMW 1 Series hatchbacks, in both three and five-door versions are called Sports Hatches, while the BMW 3 and 5 Series hatchbacks are known as Gran Turismo models.

BMW Hatchback Collage BMW Hatchback Collage

What is a hatchback car?

Hatchbacks are defined by a boot lid that is hinged at the top of the roof, as opposed to the traditional boots that used to open from the middle and out towards the side. BMW Hatchbacks are well known for having near perfect weight distribution. They also feature rear wheel drive and a clever use of space, delivering the best driving experience possible.

The best example of the iconic design is the BMW 1 Series 3-door, which feels like a much larger car inside but still has the pinpoint handling of a car its size.

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo Collage BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo Collage

Hot hatch cars.

For those that want the practicality of a hatchback car, but with a little extra oomph, the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo with its 184hp TwinTurbo Power engine is the perfect choice. Like all of the BMW Hot Hatch cars, it’s athletic, practical and visually stunning. It comes with five doors, easy cargo loading, and innovative technology like BMW EfficientDynamics and the Aero Curtain spoiler. This hatchback is designed, inside and out, to thrill the senses.

BMW 1 Series 5-door BMW 1 Series 5-door

Explore the BMW Hatchback models.

Great in every situation, from family trips to the racetrack, BMW Hatchbacks are perfect all-rounders.