BMW 4 Series Coupé BMW 4 Series Coupé


Designed to touch your emotions.

Fall in love with driving again in a BMW Coupé. With sweeping rooflines and the latest driver technology, they will re-ignite your passion for motoring.

BMW Coupés are designed for absolute driving pleasure: rear-wheel drive and near perfect weight balance combine perfectly to make the most of any motoring situation. But unlike a pure sports car, there’s practicality too: all models have four proper seats, petrol or diesel BMW TwinPower Turbo engines in a range of sizes, and plenty of boot space for day-to-day living.

BMW Coupé Collage BMW Coupé Collage

What is a coupé?

A coupé is defined by two key factors: a classic low roof for a sleeker profile and an aerodynamically considered exterior. BMW Coupés stamp their mark on the model category by frequently offering a more powerful engine, which drives power to the rear wheels. They also have a firmer suspension set-up and 50:50 weight distribution, giving drivers a more athletic experience behind the wheel.

With a broad presence and dynamic engine, BMW Coupés are perfect for trips with one other passenger, luggage and a long winding road.

BMW Coupé Collage BMW Coupé Collage

Sports coupé cars.

Designed for speed, BMW Sports Coupés offer a dynamic driving experience like no other. Boasting the BMW TwinPower Turbo engines, they deliver outstanding acceleration at all speeds. What’s more, thanks to a 50:50 weight distribution between the front and rear, drivers can take on the road at high speed with confidence. And with the 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, which ensures quick gear changes, drivers can enjoy the sporty response expected with BMW Sports Coupés.

BMW M4 Coupé BMW M4 Coupé

Explore the BMW Coupé models.

BMW Coupés are designed to go straight from the racetrack to the road, from the compact BMW 2 Series Coupé to the sporty BMW M4 Coupé. Which one grabs your attention?