BMW M240i Convertible BMW M240i Convertible


Let the sky in.

At BMW, a convertible isn't simply a car with the roof removed – it’s an expression of design that is all about thrilling the senses. BMW takes the eye-catching design found with their coupés and incorporates the adaptable roof without ever compromising the driving dynamics. So, when the weather brightens, so does your driving enjoyment.

BMW Hard-Top Convertible Collage BMW Hard-Top Convertible Collage

Hard-top convertibles.

For drivers that want a convertible with a seamless experience, BMW’s hard-top roof models deliver the best of both worlds. Enjoy the classic look and feel expected of a convertible or, at the push of a button, switch to the coupé-like appearance with the same degree of comfort. The roof is designed to fold away in as little as 20 seconds. A hard-top construction also allows for extra touches of luxury, like cabin lighting and enhanced sound dampening. They even have a heated rear window for the colder months, making them the perfect year-round option.

BMW Convertible Collage BMW Convertible Collage

Four seater convertibles.

Except for the BMW Z4, all BMW Convertibles come with four seats, perfect for carrying the whole family.

What’s more, the BMW 2 and 4 Series Convertibles feature foldable rear seats, which allows for extra room.


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