To take good care of your BMW, we recommend regular vehicle checks, as explained in your vehicle’s handbook. This will maximise your enjoyment of your car, and it’s important if you are thinking of selling, part exchanging, or handing it back to us. 

If you are intending to hand your car back to us, you can find more information information about the process and your options in the End of Agreement section.

Regular vehicle checks include the following:

BMW M2 Coupé Wheel

Tyres and wheels.

  • Ensure tyre pressures are correct.

  • Tyres damaged by punctures and accidents should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible, and worn tyres replaced (we recommend tyres are replaced when the tread depth has reached 2mm - the legal minimum is 1.6mm). Your local BMW Centre will be able to replace your tyres for you.


BMW Tyre Insurance.

BMW Tyre Insurance helps contribute towards the unexpected cost of repairing or replacing tyres if they are damaged either accidentally or by a malicious act, regardless of your annual mileage.

BMW Insurance Solutions

BMW Kidney Grille and Interior

Bodywork and interior.

  • Ensure both the bodywork and interior of your car is maintained. If you return the car to us, you'll be charged for any damage that is not considered fair wear and tear. In determining 'good condition' we apply British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) standards. You can find more information on this in both your BMW agreement or by viewing the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide. 
BMW Service employee fixing a damaged windscreen

Windscreen damage.

  • If your windscreen is chipped or suffers minor damage, it can be easily repaired at a BMW Centre while you wait.  Sometimes these repairs or subsequent replacements are covered by your motor insurance policy, check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered. If the damage is directly in front of the driver's line of vision, we recommend that a BMW Centre fits a new windscreen.

  • For more serious and potentially dangerous windscreen damage, you should contact BMW Emergency Service for immediate assistance on 0800 777 111 (calls are free of charge plus your phone company's access charge).

For all other queries please contact customer services.

BMW Customer Services