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To help explain what is deemed fair wear and tear, please read the rules and examples of the kind of damage you may or may not be charged for below.

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    We want your BMW handover to be as smooth as your experience behind the wheel. If you decide to return your BMW, we'll arrange for one of our agents to come and inspect it. We won't expect your car to be perfect, but if there's any damage outside of fair wear and tear, there may be charges. After the inspection you'll receive a vehicle condition report detailing any damage our agent has found. We'll then contact you to discuss any costs. Of course, we don't want you to have any unwanted surprises, so take a look at the categories below to find out what's classed as fair wear and tear and what's not. Take a look at the categories below to find out more.

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    We don't expect your tyres and wheels to be in perfect condition. In fact, scuffs on your alloys up to 50mm, or several scuffs totalling 50mm, are not a problem. If the scuffs are any longer than this, or if your car has any of the following damage, this will fall outside of fair wear and tear and may result in a charge:

    - Damage to wheel spokes and hub
    - Tread less than 1.6mm
    - Tyres that don't comply with the car's recommendations
    - Damage to side walls or tread

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    BMW bodywork being polished
    BMW Tyre


    Let's talk about your mirrors. If your mirrors have minor scratches or scuffs up to 25mm, this is acceptable. Mirrors will only fail our inspection if they are missing, cracked or severely damaged. Similarly, if you have a scratch or scuff on your lights up to 25mm, there's no problem. However, if the scratch is longer than this, or if the light or the cover is broken, you may be charged.

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    Let's start with your windscreen. If there are light scratches or repaired chips outside of the driver's line of sight, this isn't a problem. However, if the screen has any chips, cracks or holes, or damage or repair in the driver's line of sight, this won't be classed as fair wear and tear and you may be charged.


    We understand that your BMW may have the odd small chip, so small areas of chipping – including door edges – is classed as fair wear and tear. However, if the chipping is more serious or extensive, we may need to charge:

    - Chipping that needs repairing or repainting
    - Corrosion caused by chips

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    BMW bodywork being polished
    BMW Tyre


    Here are the details on dents and scratches. It's acceptable to have dents under 10mm – the size of a 5p piece – as long as there are no more than two on a single panel up to 10mm. A more serious dent over 10mm, dents that have broken paint surface, or dents that are on the roof, fall outside of fair wear and tear.


    In terms of scratches, there are no charges if your scratch is under 25mm, or if there are several scratches totalling 25mm. If your scratches total more than 25mm, or have exposed the primer or metal underneath, you may be charged.

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    Let's take a look inside your BMW. Of course, we expect some wear and dirt from everyday use. However, there is some damage we will need to charge for:

    - Burns and scratches
    - Tears, stains or odours
    - Holes in carpet
    - Damage to trim or dashboard

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    BMW bodywork being polished


    Now we've explained the guidelines on fair wear and tear, you need to decide on your next steps. If you return your BMW, there are a few things that you will need to do before handover day. If your car has any damage, it's a good idea to check in potential charges on the existing customer section of our website so you know what to expect. You'll need to send us your V5C (registration document). If you have a BMW Contract Hire agreement, we already hold this document for you. When we inspect your car, we will also record the mileage as we will need to check this against any contractual limit on your finance agreement. If you have exceeded the agreed limit you will be charged.


    You'll also need to ensure your car meets our standard requirements:


    • Taxed
    • Insured
    • Mot'd
    • Clean
    • Has a 1/4 tank of fuel

    Please leave your service history, both car keys and any locking wheel nut key in the car, and don't forget to keep your personal plate if you have one. Whatever decision you've reached about your car, please let us know your plans. You'll find our contact details on our website.

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