Air Conditioning servicing at BMW


Maintain the perfect climate.

AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE.Maintain the perfect climate.


In short, a BMW Air Conditioning Service enables you to maintain the perfect climate when driving. However, the perfect climate isn’t just limited to the temperature. Providing an enjoyable cabin that is dust and allergen free is one of the key roles of your BMW’s air conditioning system. To keep your air conditioning working perfectly, we recommend operating the system often, as well as ensuring you have it examined and receive one of our air conditioning service options completed by our expert BMW Technicians, regularly. 

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BMW Air Conditioning Recharge.

If you find that you are unable to achieve a comfortable temperature or de-fog your windscreen on a cold morning, your car may need an air conditioning recharge. A BMW Recharge Service is the perfect fix and includes full system checks for both pressure and leaks, as well as a complete drain and refilling of refrigerant and lubricants. And as to be expected, the BMW Air Conditioning Recharge Service comes with a level of expertise only available directly with BMW. 

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BMW Air Conditioning Refresh.

Is your BMW starting to lose that new car smell? It may be time for a refresh service. We want your drive to be as comfortable as possible and we have the expertise to make that happen; we recommend you take your BMW to your local BMW Centre so a highly trained BMW technician can clean and disinfect the evaporator and air duct systems, as well as treat the air vents and the interior to keep that new car smell for a little longer.

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