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So connected, you’re free.

From Real Time Traffic Information to in-car entertainment, BMW offers a wide range of useful and intelligent digital services that will make your life easier and transform every journey into an experience. Discover the amazing possibilities and the future of driving with BMW ConnectedDrive. 

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BMW CONNECTED DRIVE.So connected, you’re free.


    Woman using My BMW App from BMW ConnectedDrive on smartphone in front of a white BMW X5


    With the My BMW App you benefit from both the modern and intuitive operating concept as well as the range of smart functions that can enhance your day-to-day driving. This includes everything from simple control functions through to intelligent route planning to updating your car software.

    Woman using BMW ConnectedDrive Intelligent Personal Assistant in her BMW


    With the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, you have your own personal assistant on board at all times. Using voice command, you can communicate with your BMW and control the car's functions. If you are keen to know more about your actual BMW, you can also ask questions about the specific model that you are driving.

    Woman waiting while BMW Remote Software Upgrade updates the software of her BMW X5


    The Remote Software Upgrade allows you to easily and quickly download and install the latest in-car software. Completed with over-the-air transmission, BMW’s Remote Software Upgrade also allows new car functions to be installed.

    Woman using Amazon Alexa while driving in her BMW


    Amazon's Alexa is available in your BMW and can be used on the road – just like at home. Simply connect your Amazon account with your BMW account in the My BMW App. Now you can stream music, check upcoming appointments in your calendar,  control your Smart Home from your car, and much more. 


    *Amazon, Alexa and all related brand names are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.


    Plan your trips with the My BMW App.

    Take advantage of the My BMW App before you hit the road. Check things like whether your BMW has sufficient range or air out the vehicle comfortably by remote control. You can also look for new next destinations on the My BMW App and send them directly to your BMW from your smartphone.
    Man uses My BMW App from BMW ConnectedDrive on smartphone while charging his BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid

    My BMW APP.

    Smart, sophisticated and always up to date: With its new design and intuitive user guidance, the My BMW App takes you through a whole new mobility experience. Plan your next trip, check the status of your BMW, book your next service appointment or use one of the numerous remote control functions – all conveniently from your smartphone.
    Learn more about the My BMW App
    Man uses My BMW App from BMW ConnectedDrive on smartphone in front of a BMW 4 Series Coupé

    Check your vehicle status.

    With the My BMW App, you can easily use your smartphone to check if there is enough range for a spontaneous trip, whether your BMW needs servicing, is the software up to date, or any other driving-related information before you set out.
    Learn more about the My BMW App
    Man sending driving destination from home to his BMW via My BMW App

    Send destination to car.

    Where to next? Search for new destinations using the My BMW App and send them directly to your BMW. Once you have arrived in the vehicle, you can find the destination in your messages and start the directions directly with one click.
    Learn more about the My BMW App
    Remote control of vehicle functions via My BMW App woman diving in ice

    Take control from anywhere.

    Even if your BMW is not in sight, the My BMW App offers you a wide range of remote control functions. From ventilating the interior before you go for a drive to preheating the car, you can easily do this in advance using your smartphone.
    Learn more about the My BMW App
    Finding the vehicle via My BMW App Vehicle Finder function on smartphone

    Find your vehicle.

    Can’t find your car? No problem. The Car Finder in the My BMW App displays the location of your BMW on the map. For maximum comfort and more time for the things that are important to you.
    Learn more about the My BMW App
    Open the vehicle via smartphone with BMW Digital Key and My BMW App


    Turn your smartphone into a BMW Digital Key via your My BMW App. This is only available with compatible smartphones. The digital key allows you to lock and unlock your BMW and even start it without the physical key. You can also authorise up to five additional people to use your BMW.


    With a wide selection of digital products and services, BMW ConnectedDrive helps make your journeys more efficient, more comfortable, and (at times) more entertaining.
    BMW iDrive pioneering operating concept from BMW ConnectedDrive

    BMW iDrive.

    BMW’s constant evolution of the driving experience, operating concept and design language has helped create the latest BMW iDrive. From driver-oriented controls, like the iDrive Controller, to intelligent functionality that combines sensory technology with artificial intelligence, it gives drivers an intuitive and immersive connection with the car and journey.
    Woman using BMW ConnectedDrive Intelligent Personal Assistant driving in her BMW

    BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

    Communicate with your vehicle using the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. To get started, say ‘Hey BMW’ and then ask or express your wants and wishes. It can help you know your vehicle better, but more importantly, it can learn about you and use this to enhance your driving experience.
    More about the Intelligent Personal Assistant
    Couple sitting relaxed in BMW thanks to Concierge Service from BMW ConnectedDrive

    Concierge Service.

    The Concierge Service is there to help when you are travelling and can support you with any request at the touch of a button. Whether that is a booking at a restaurant, a hotel or a cinema. You can even use it for payments. Wherever you are, whatever you need, the Concierge Service is by your side.
    Woman relaxes while driving her BMW with the In-Car Experiences

    In-Car Experiences.

    It invigorates you when you’re tired, relaxes you after a stressful day and adapts your vehicle’s interior to perfectly suit your mood. With In-Car Experiences, which include the Caring Car Programmes and Experiences Modes, your vehicle will make sure you feel your best.
    Personal driver profile in BMW Control Display

    Personal driver profile.

    You can set up to three driver profiles in your BMW, which are linked with your car key. After being personally greeted by your BMW, you’ll find the seat, wing mirrors or navigation set for you as soon as you open the car door. Setting driver profiles requires the BMW Operating System 7 or newer.
    Friends sitting in a BMW listening to music from Spotify with Connected Music from BMW ConnectedDrive

    Connected Music.

    Use Spotify in your BMW to listen to your favourite music. With Connected Music, you can directly stream as many as 30 million songs without any limits via BMW’s music partner Spotify, using the SIM card installed in your vehicle. Simply scan the QR code on your BMW's control display and log in to the Spotify website via smartphone.

    Please note: Connected Music is part of the Connected Package Professional and requires BMW Operating System 7.

    BMW Music menu in the BMW Control Display

    BMW Music.

    Enjoy a whole world of music without signing a contract or pay fees with BMW Music. Even without a premium account, BMW Music gives you access to the entire music database of Napster. Enjoy your personal soundtrack – without additional streaming costs.

    Please note: Connected Music is part of the Connected Package Professional and requires BMW Operating System 7.

    BMW Drive Recorder ConnectedDrive Digital Services

    BMW Drive Recorder.

    Take comfort from having a video recording from the vehicle environment, which can play on the central Control Display or via USB export on a device. Important vehicle information such as speed and GPS position are stored synchronously with the video. The BMW Drive Recorder has two sub-functions, the Event Recorder and the Crash Recorder.
    Internet in the vehicle with Wi-Fi hotspot from BMW ConnectedDrive

    Wi-Fi hotspot.

    The in-car Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to go online with LTE speed (if available) using the SIM card installed in your vehicle. You and your fellow passengers can surf the web on up to ten devices.
    Woman talking to Amazon Alexa while driving in her BMW


    At the wheel of your BMW, you can use Amazon’s voice assistant just as you do at home. Ask Alexa to play your favourites on Amazon Music, create to-do lists or have your calendar read out loud to you. * Amazon, Alexa and all related brand names are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
    BMW Maps navigation map on BMW Control Display


    With Connected Navigation in your BMW, you can enjoy accurate arrival times, quick route calculations and easy destination entry. What’s more, the Connected Parking smart function saves you from searching for parking spaces and directs you reliably to the closest spot. In BMW electric cars or BMW plug-in hybrids, drivers can use Connected Charging to direct you right to the nearest public charging station along your route. And you will receive information in advance about its availability and the charging current there.
    Smartphone Integration with Apple CarPlay from BMW ConnectedDrive Control Display


    The intelligent and safe way to use your smartphone on the road is with Apple CarPlay©. It wirelessly offers access to Apple Music, iMessage, telephony, Siri, Apple Maps and selected third-party apps, including Spotify or Google Maps. Contents are shown in full on your cockpit display. This means that you can still have navigation tips from Apple Maps in view in your BMW Head-Up Display.
    In-car smartphone integration with Android Auto from BMW ConnectedDrive Control Display


    Connect your Android smartphone to your car using Android Auto, which integrates directly into the digital cockpit. It gives you navigation tips from Google Maps in your BMW Head-Up Display. The Google Assistant, the integrated digital speech assistant from Google, is likewise easy to use in your BMW. It can take care of tasks, dictate destinations for navigation or select your next music track.
    BMW Teleservices woman with smartphone in front of her BMW


    With Teleservices, your BMW automatically knows when routine or unscheduled maintenance is required and sends all relevant data to your BMW service partner. You will then be contacted promptly so that an appointment can be arranged.


    The combination of the My BMW App and BMW ConnectedDrive makes life easier and more comfortable even after you’ve reached your destination. For example, the smart My BMW App can check the window control functions via Remote 3D View to see if everything is okay – or retroactively lock your doors if needed.
    Woman drinking from cup while BMW Remote Software Upgrade updates the software of her BMW X5

    Remote Software Upgrade.

    With Remote Software Upgrade, your BMW will always be up to date. You can simply download the upgrades via the My BMW App or via the SIM card in your vehicle and then install them. This also activates other available functions in your BMW.
    More about Remote Software Upgrade
    Couple gets access to BMW functions via My BMW App and Remote Services

    Vehicle Controls.

    Did I lock my vehicle, and where exactly is it parked? Remote Services allow you to remotely access your vehicle from a distance using the My BMW App. You can even ventilate your BMW before you drive or lock it from anywhere using your smartphone.
    Learn more about the My BMW App
    Woman keeps an eye on her BMW’s surroundings with Remote 3D view and My BMW App

    Remote 3D View.

    Keep an eye on your BMW’s surroundings using Remote Services and Remote 3D View. It allows you to view the area around your vehicle from any perspective or to lock the doors via the My BMW App.*

    *Subject to vehicle and optional equipment specified.

    Learn more about the My BMW App
    BMW Maps Connected Charging shows electric range as blue circle on map in Control Display

    Connected Charging.

    Connected Charging makes it even easier to charge your fully electric BMW i or BMW plug-in hybrid. For example, you can programme the loading time for your car in the My BMW App and receive a push message when it is fully charged. You can also follow your BMW's charging history or look into the ongoing charging process including energy used, charging breaks, estimated charging costs as well as cost savings.
    Learn more about Connected Charging


    BMW ConnectedDrive Store Man with smartphone sitting on sofa


    Visit the BMW ConnectedDrive Online Shop and book new digital services for your BMW which you can use immediately for your next trip.
    BMW ConnectedDrive Portal woman with smartphone


    Your data, your services, your settings – BMW ConnectedDrive networks them with your BMW and the world. Register now for more comfort, safety and fun.
    BMW ConnectedDrive FAQ frequently asked questions woman with smartphone at the window


    Our FAQ section offers you answers to frequently asked questions about the BMW ConnectedDrive services and products.
    BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Support


    If you have any questions or need further information on the My BMW App or on BMW ConnectedDrive services and products, simply contact the BMW Customer Support.