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Make your day-to-day journeys easier with BMW Maps, which comes with Connected Navigation, Connected Parking and Connected Charging.

Put simply, Connected Navigation is a next-level navigation system, Connected Parking takes the hassle out of finding a spot, and Connected Charging puts the world of electric driving into your hands. Best of all, they are all available through the new My BMW App, when paired with a compatible BMW. Together, they are like no map you have ever used.

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    Woman using BMW Maps Connected Navigation on smartphone


    BMW’s Connected Navigation gets you where you want to go with remarkable accuracy and extremely fast calculations using Real Time Traffic Information. What’s more, you can find your destination using a keyword search, just like you are used to with navigation apps on your smartphone. The cloud-based dynamic route calculation is able to quickly and constantly adapt route recommendations. And when calculating time of arrival, the system uses future traffic volume along the entire route, including smaller roads. This comprehensive traffic data also enables the system to recommend the fastest route.


    • Intuitive operation, like your smartphone
    • Destination entry via free search
    • Cloud-based dynamic route calculation
    • Fast recalculation of the route in case of changing traffic conditions
    • Exact calculation of the predicted arrival time
    • Map Updates keep your navigation up to date
    • Real Time Traffic Information
    • Map Update
    BMW Maps Connected Parking BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo in white


    As part of the route guidance, Connected Parking proactively suggests the best parking options in the immediate vicinity. You can even pre-set a parking garage or street parking. If you choose a parking garage, the best one close to your destination will be displayed. If you choose an on-street parking, the route to your destination with the highest likelihood of finding a parking space close to your destination will be suggested.

    In addition to all this, your BMW gives you general information about the parking situation at your chosen destination. Parking facilities with empty spaces will be added to the navigation map and streets will be highlighted if the probability of finding a parking space there is high. Recently vacated parking spaces are also displayed in the navigation system.


    • No need to look for parking
    • Navigation to the next available parking spot
    • Shows spaces in parking garages
    • Recommends route with the best parking possibilities
    • General information on parking situation at destination
    BMW Maps Connected Charging electric Range visualisation in Control Display


    Make driving your fully electric BMW i or BMW Plug-in Hybrid even more comfortable with Connected Charging. It offers amazing services such as theTrip Planner, which recommends charging stops along the route, as well as the Park & Charge Assistant; this offers available parking places with recharging stations near your destination. You will find details on the address, opening times and charging capacity for each station. Plus, you will find tips on interesting ways to spend your waiting time at each charging station.

    Another smart feature includes the eRoute* function, which automatically calculates charging stops along your route if it exceeds your total range. You can also select a filter for quick charging stations or use the practical Range Circle, which visualises the range of your BMW as a circle on the map.


    * Available for BMW i models starting from BMW iX3.


    • Route planning including charging stops
    • Available parking places with charging stations near your destination
    • Information on charging stations
    • Point Of Interest (POI) suggestions while charging
    • Quick-charging station filter
    BMW Maps navigation How-to video

    Watch the BMW Maps and navigation tutorial video.


    BMW Maps with Connected Navigation, Connected Parking and Connected Charging is part of the optional Connected Package Professional (6C3/6C4) and to be used only in connection Live Cockpit Plus (6U2) or Live Cockpit Professional (6U3). You will need a car with the BMW Operating System 7 or newer.

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    My BMW App Manage my status man using smartphone next to BMW


    Access BMW Maps using your smartphone with the new My BMW App.


    Access BMW Maps using your smartphone with the new My BMW App.


    • What does over the air map updates mean?

      Over-the-air map updates are a cost-free way for you to automatically update the maps in your BMW via the on-board sim card so you no longer have to do this yourself.

    • How much will I be charged for updating my maps?
    • Where can I see a map of charge points?


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    Visit the BMW ConnectedDrive Online Shop and book new digital services for your BMW which you can use immediately for your next trip.
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    My BMW APP.

    Before, during or after the journey: the My BMW app supports your mobile everyday life with many clever functions.
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    Our FAQ section offers you answers to frequently asked questions about the BMW ConnectedDrive services and products.
    BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Support


    If you have any questions or need further information on the BMW ConnectedDrive services and products, simply contact the BMW Customer Support.