Front Seat Heating
Front Seat Heating

Front Seat Heating

Seat heating quickly heats up your front seats to a relaxing temperature you can adjust to multiple levels of intensity.


  • Pleasantly warm seats in no time
  • Can be individually adjusted in three levels
  • Heats your seat cushion, side bolsters, and the backrest

Seat heating has three adjustable levels to get you warmed up and relaxed when the outside temperature is low. Use the Control Display to easily adjust the heating distribution on your seat.


Front Seat heating gets things nice and cosy in no time. When the outside temperature is cold , the front seats are nice and warm in no time. You have three heat settings to choose from, depending on how warm you prefer your seat. This feature heats your seat cushion, side bolsters, and the entire contact surface of the backrest to provide all-round comfort. In addition, the heat can be distributed however you like by simply using the Control Display.

You can find a detailed description of this feature in your BMW's operating instructions.

Please note: The features described here may not be fully supported in all markets.


The availability of this feature depends on the hardware installed in your BMW. When you log in to the BMW Store, you are only shown services that you can purchase for your vehicle. If the service is not available, the required hardware is not installed in your BMW.


Activation after purchase is quick and easy using over-the-air download:
  1. Add the ConnectedDrive upgrade to your shopping cart. Enter your payment details and confirm the purchase.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation after we check your contract.
  3. The service is then activated in your vehicle – or at the latest the next time you drive your BMW for a longer time (some services also require manual activation in the vehicle). This process may take several minutes.
  4. If the service has not been activated by the end of your drive, please do the following:
    • Use the BMW ConnectedDrive Store in your vehicle to check if it is online.To activate services, the BMW ConnectedDrive Store in your vehicle must be connected to the internet.
    • Use the BMW ConnectedDrive Store in your vehicle to check if it is activated. If it shows the status “In activation” for more than 3 days, please contact ConnectedDrive Customer Support.