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A guide for BMW owners on maintaining your vehicle.

We want you to get the best performance from your BMW, regardless of its age. Everything from protection to maintenance is important and, here, we outline the steps you can take, year by year, to keep your BMW running at peak performance.

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Year one.

Taking care of your BMW as it
approaches its first birthday.

Car maintenance in year one is critical for ensuring a long life for your BMW. Purchasing winter tyres as the temperature dips can help protect your BMW in icy conditions. The first few weeks with your BMW will no doubt be spent learning about the myriad of innovative features it has. Remember, the BMW Genius at your BMW Centre can offer the advice and assistance you need, from setting up BMW ConnectedDrive to configuring your seating and mirrors exactly how you would like.

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Year two.

It is never too soon to plan for the future.

You’ve spent some time getting acquainted with your BMW. Now, ensure it drives just as dynamically as it did as the day you bought it. Maintain the vice-like grip of your tyres in all conditions by purchasing BMW approved Star Marked Tyres. As the miles tick over your car will keep track of exactly which services are needed and when. Depending on your individual driving habits you may need a service before or after the 10,000 miles mark. No matter when or what service is needed all you have to do is get in touch with your local BMW Centre and book a time. However, there’s no need to watch the milometer too closely – your BMW will let you know as soon as a service is due.

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Year three.

We help you let the years pass by effortlessly.

By now, you and your BMW will be working perfectly together. Push that perfect relationship beyond three years of ownership by passing your first mandatory MOT check, the first you will have needed since owning your car. As your BMW also approaches the end of its warranty period, take advantage of a no-strings-attached End of Warranty check and complimentary BMW MOT Protect with your first MOT – all to cover any issues or repairs that may be needed.

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Years four to six.

More miles on the clock, but still in its prime.

As your BMW gets older, we hope your appreciation for it is the same as the day you bought it. That’s why the period between four and six years is integral to the car’s longevity. Maintaining your BMW with genuine parts installed by BMW trained mechanics goes a long way to ensuring the drive is as enjoyable now as it was on the day you drove it home.

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Years seven to ten.

Still looking and driving at its best.

Aside from innovation and technology, reliability and longevity are hallmarks in every BMW. As a BMW owner, you know a well-maintained car can and will still provide an excellent driving experience. At this point you’re now eligible for our fixed-price Value Service offering and all that mileage together might mean your BMW isn’t as blemish free as it once was, so make the most of BMW Cosmetic Repairs, to ensure your car looks just as good as year one.

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Years 10+.

Age is nothing but a number.

Which is why even a decade on, you can still bring your BMW in for an excellent value, full service at your local BMW Centre. After ten years together, you will probably want to maintain your BMW yourself a little more. To extend the life of your car even further and for a perfect fit, we recommend you use BMW Genuine parts, all of which come with a two-year warranty.

BMW Star Marked Tyres

Protecting your BMW.

To keep your car in perfect condition and to ensure you’re covered for any eventuality, we offer a range of aftercare options, from BMW approved Star Marked winter tyres to BMW insurance solutions, to keep you covered from the smallest scratch to a replacement exhaust pipe.

BMW Insurance Solutions

BMW Service

Maintaining your BMW.

Car maintenance can be difficult and time consuming. To ensure your BMW stays at peak performance over the years, we provide service solutions that suit you. Whether it’s the full 150-point service before an MOT test or a 90-minute Fast Lane Service at your local BMW Centre, the maintenance of your BMW is our priority.



Repairing your BMW.

In the unfortunate event that you and your BMW are involved in an accident, we’re there for you. All BMW vehicles, regardless of age, are covered by our BMW Accident Recovery Service. Once your car has been collected, we will take it to the closest BMW Approved Bodyshop for repairs.

BMW Accident Repairs

BMW Roof Rack

Personalising your BMW.

Your BMW should be as individual as you. From sports and leisure wear, on and off dry land, to steering wheels or a range of sporty M Performance options, we have the perfect accessory for you to customise your vehicle

Buy BMW Accessories

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Why replace your BMW? Circumstances change, it may be time for an upgrade, your lifestyle may have adjusted, or you may just want a new driving experience. To help you with your choice, you can build and buy your BMW online, enabling you to configure your chosen BMW from the comfort of your own home.


Question: Who do I call to discuss my warranty?

Answer: You can get in touch with your local BMW Centre where one of the team will be happy to help.

Question: I received my BMW as a company car. Can I still speak with a BMW Centre about maintenance and accessories?

Answer: Absolutely. You don’t need to have purchased your vehicle yourself to use the various products and services that your local Centre can provide.

Question: What services are provided as part of the complimentary three-year breakdown cover​?

Answer: Home and Roadside Assistance in the U.K and Ireland, as well as continental Europe. Car hire and onward travel/accommodation are also included.

Question: How do I know what Service my BMW needs​?

Answer: You can find out the details of your car’s service history and which service packs are available to you by using our BMW registration and mileage look-up tool.

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