BMW Pay Monthly Service Plan


Servicing Made Simple.

Planning for the road ahead has never been easier. With the BMW Pay Monthly Service Plan you can remove the uncertainty often associated with car servicing costs by spreading them monthly, much like you would your household bills.

The service cost for your Service Plan is fixed for its duration, meaning you're protected against inflation and any price increases that may happen in the future. If you ever come to sell your BMW, you have the option to keep the plan and transfer any unused balance to your new BMW, so you don’t need to worry about not utilising the entirety of your Pay Monthly Service Plan. You’ll also have 4 years or an additional 50,000 miles from the point at which you take out your service plan (whichever comes first) to claim all services, making this suitable for nearly all drivers.

What’s more, your BMW Pay Monthly Service Plan is suitable for any age of vehicle and comes with a number of additional extras to further help you to get the most out of your BMW. These include:


  • One free MOT
  • A Wash & Vac each time you come in for a service
  • Seasonal Health Checks
  • Sat Nav Map Updates
  • Free Fluid Top Ups
BMW Model Monthly Payment (36 month example)
BMW i £15
1/2/X1/X2 £20
Z4/3/4/5/X3/X4 £25
6/7/8/X5/X6/X7 £30
M Models* £45

*Includes an optional running in service at 1200 miles which can be removed to reduce your monthly payments. 

Terms and Conditions apply.