The following BMW companies are covered by this policy in the UK:

Short name Full name
BMW UK BMW (UK) Limited
BMW FS BMW Financial Services (GB) Limited
BMW Holdings BMW (UK) Holdings Limited

Note: for ease of reading the companies are referred to throughout this policy by their Short name.

When we refer to BMW Group and BMW Group UK in this policy this includes all of the companies above. These are all registered at this address:
      Summit One
      Summit Avenue
      GU14 0FB


What the BMW Group companies do:

BMW Group provides services through a number of different parties in the UK. 

BMW UK coordinates the BMW and MINI business in the UK:

  • It is an importer and distributor of the BMW Group’s brands, of BMW and MINI motor cars and BMW motorcycles in the UK.
  • It is the UK national sales and marketing company for the BMW Group and:
          •   Appoints Retailers (BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad Centres) and agents.
          •   Deals with second level support and technical issues.
          •   Operates the BMW & MINI digital systems and services.

BMW FS is a financial services company:

  • It carries on the regulated activities of consumer credit, consumer hire and insurance mediation.  BMW FS provides regulated and unregulated motor finance products and services, and associated general insurance products, to customers through Retailers of BMW Group products and non BMW Group motor dealerships and independent credit brokers.

BMW Holdings

  • Provides taxation services and advises BMW Group companies in the UK.

Retailers or Retail Centres

  • Unless stated otherwise, are independent businesses and not part of the BMW Group.
  • They operate using the BMW brand under license to sell and/or service.
  • They provide services to customers and support for technical issues.
  • They are not covered by this policy and are referenced here to provide additional clarity regarding your personal information.


BMW as Data Controllers and our responsibilities:

BMW UK is responsible for, and is the Data Controller of your personal information that it receives through the BMW.co.uk and MINI.co.uk websites, MyBMW or MyMINI accounts, ConnectedDrive and MINIConnected Services (Connected Services).

BMW FS is the Data Controller of the information which is used to grant and provide finance to you.

Each BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad Centre is a Data Controller of information about you, that you and in addition BMW Group provides them in relation to your sales, service and financial requests.

Ultimately, BMW AG is the parent company of BMW Group UK and provides much of the IT infrastructure through the above mentioned companies. BMW AG is generally a service provider or Data Processor to the above mentioned parties.

However, BMW AG is in addition the Data Controller for information received through the usage of the Connected App as well as a joint Data Controller for the technical provision of Connected Services.

For more information on our Connected Services visit:

Although this Privacy Policy describes some of the uses of your information made by BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad Centres, they may collect other information relating to you and have their own privacy policies that set out how they use information which you should consult. You should liaise directly with the BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad Centres in respect of any such changes or questions relating to their use of your information.

References to “we” (e.g. we collect…) in this Privacy Policy refers to BMW UK, BMW FS and BMW AG only. It does not refer to or include BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad Centres.

Contact details of each of the Data Controllers listed above and their Data Protection Officers can be found here.


Changes to this Privacy Policy:

We may modify or update this privacy policy from time to time.

If we change this privacy policy, we will notify you of the changes. Where changes to this privacy policy will have a fundamental impact on the nature of the processing or otherwise have a substantial impact on you, we will give you sufficient advance notice so that you have the opportunity to exercise any rights you may have under local law (e.g. to object to the processing).