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BMW Bikes
BMW Bikes
BMW Bikes - Sophistcated looks, exhilarating dynamics, advanced technology and a powerful bull-neck design set new standards.
To understand what the everyday life of a bicycle courier is like, you really need a bike that delivers outstanding dynamic performance: the BMW Cruise M-Bike.
The colour scheme inspired by BMW M sends a clear message – it’s all about premium engineering components and a dynamic, sporty design language.
Exhilarating technology: advanced features such as the hydroformed frame and carbon components combine to create a unique riding experience.


The development of the BMW Cruise e-Bike benefited from the extensive experience of all team members. Engineers, designers, strategists and sustainability experts all sat around a table and pooled their expertise. Sharing was what is was all about, it ensured that throughout the whole design process the team remained faithful to the defined concept. The biggest challenge however, lay in combining the innovative design language of BMW cars with functional bike geometry.
Sometimes, being consistent requires you to change your mind. Especially when it’s a question of finding innovative solutions to the challenges of everyday mobility. The DesignworksUSA team didn’t just focus on the BMW design language, they focused above all on the interplay between design and technology. The powerful motor can be activated at any time to support the rider and delivers typical BMW performance. The addition of electric power enables the rider to stay relaxed, while protecting the environment.
As individual as the BMW Cruise e-Bike design and concepts are, focused lines of the frame reflect the unmistakable BMW design language.
Innovation happens when expertise is pooled. This is why, for the BMW Cruise e-Bike, we partnered with the market leader for batteries and electric motors: BOSCH.


Made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminium, the BMW Cruise Bike Junior enables carefree cycling. In addition, the bike is equipped with reflectors (front, rear and spoke) as well as a bell in the same colour as the handlebar to ensure others will be fully aware of the young rider.
Red Dot Design Award: The BMW Cruise Bike Junior design does not just appeal to kids – it has also impressed the international panel of judges for the renowned “Red Dot Design Award”. No wonder, then, that it won this accolade.

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