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At BMW, we understand the importance of charging capabilities, both at home and in public. That’s why, as part of BMW Charging, multiple ways of recharging have been pioneered and made a reality for UK drivers. What’s more, new partnerships have been created, and in doing so established access to the largest network of charging stations across the UK and Europe. So, wherever your journey takes you, a charging station is probably closer than you think.

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    • Where can I charge an electric or plug-in hybrid car?

      Your electric or plug-in hybrid car can be charged wherever you have access to power – whether at home or at the workplace, from a conventional socket or with the bp pulse wallbox for faster charging. When you are travelling, with BMW Charging you'll have simple access to an expanding superregional network of public AC Fast charging stations from providers such as bp pulse, or high-power DC Rapid charging stations, such as those from IONITY. 

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    One of the benefits of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids is that they come with choices for recharging. With charging stations in public, at home and potentially at work, plus the option of AC Fast charging and DC Rapid charging (BMW electric models only), topping your car up has never been more shaped around you and your lifestyle.

    BMW public charging BMW hybrid vehicles at a charging station in front of a building

    Public charging.

    The BMW eMobility service, BMW Charging, provides access to over 10,000 partner charging stations across the UK. These include public charging provided by bp pulse, plus access to high-power charging stations from our partner IONITY. For more information regarding BMW Charging or to sign-up please click below.
    BMW Charging
    BMW private charging BMW i3 at a charging station in front of a private home

    Home charging.

    A home can vary in size, dimension and many other ways, which is why BMW has created several choices when it comes to home charging. For those looking for a more permanent solution, offering faster charging, there are home charging units, like the BP Pulse wallbox. Alternatively, a slower rate of charging can be achieved from a regular 3-pin socket using the standard BMW charging cable.†
    BMW charging outside place of work man walking by

    Workplace charging.

    If you travel to work with your BMW electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, you can use the steadily expanding and nationwide network of public charging stations from various operators or where available, the charging stations of your employer. Our partner bp pulse will be pleased to advise and support commercial customers or fleet operators seeking to set up charging solutions at their company location. Simply contact bp pulse for more information regarding their range of services connected with workplace charging.†
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    †Please note, this image features a BMW i Wallbox, not available in the UK.

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    Charging your X5 at home

    Please note, the above video features a BMW i Wallbox, not available in the UK.

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    The IONITY joint venture, co-founded by the BMW Group, stands for the establishment of an efficient quick charging network for electric vehicles in Europe – an important step towards ensuring electric mobility even on long-distance journeys.  With its high-power charging stations you can charge your BMW iX3, for example, from 0% to 80% in only 34 minutes.  The IONITY high-power charging stations are integrated into the public network of BMW Charging and can be used at an exclusive preferential rate by means of an additional monthly subscription.  BMW Charging offers increasingly attractive price models for all electrified vehicles. For the latest information, please visit BMW Charging


    BP Pulse wallbox

    Homecharge Unit - bp pulse.

    For a safe, simple and tailored home charging solution, the bp pulse Homecharge wallbox is a reliable choice. It offers fast charging times, being up to 3x faster than a standard 3-pin plug, while also being digitally connected through the SmartCharge app.

    BMW Services employee advising customer in front of a house


    You can get your wallbox installed by BMW’s official installation partner, and every installation is always performed using a certified electrician. Just order it at your preferred BMW Centre. They will carry out the consultation, delivery, installation, and activation of your private charging station, which includes up to 15m of suitable cable. If it does require any additional work or optional features, you will get an honest and competitive quote.



    - Review of the electrical connections and conditions in your home
    - Recommendation of suitable installation locations based on your personal parking space situation
    - Installation, connection & activation at the desired installation location
    - Explanation of the charging process
    - 36-month warranty



    All new BMW electric and plug-in hybrid models now come with two cables: A standard cable and public AC Fast charging cable. Both are comfortably stored in the boot for easy access.

    BMW AC charging cable in front of grey setting

    Fast AC charging cable.

    The AC Fast charging cable (Type 2) allows you to conveniently charge the vehicle battery at public AC Fast charging stations. Included with the standard equipment, it is five metres long and includes a practical storage bag.
    BMW standard cable in front of grey setting

    Standard cable.

    Measuring approximately five metres, a standard BMW charging cable can plug into any conventional 3-pin socket and is therefore ideal for recharging at home.


    BMW e-mobility My BMW App

    My BMW App*.

    The My BMW App* connects you virtually with your BMW whenever and wherever you wish and, thanks to its modern design, intuitive operation and comprehensive functions, offers you a completely new experience of mobility. When using it, you not only have the status of your vehicle constantly in view, such as the charge level or available range, but are also able to interact with and program your vehicle very conveniently on your smartphone. For instance, you can plan your journey in advance and in comfort on your smartphone and then simply send your destination to the navigation system in your vehicle. At the same time, the My BMW App* will always show you the nearest public charging station along with its availability. During the charging operation, you keep track of the current charge level at all times and can precondition the interior of your vehicle as ideal preparation for the journey – or set a corresponding timer to do this. You will also find details on all the previous charging operations in the My BMW App. With these and many other functions and services, the My BMW App* assures you of carefree mobility and even more sheer electric driving pleasure – regardless of where you happen to be.

    BMW e-mobility BMW Connected Charging

    Connected Charging.

    Farewell to range anxiety: with BMW Connected Charging you use the range of your BMW electric car particularly efficiently. You have already planned your journey on your smartphone via the My BMW App* and sent it to your vehicle, whereupon the navigation system automatically calculates the optimum route and displays it for you. If the destination lies outside of the available electric range of your vehicle, which you can view at any time via the range radius, a charging stop will be added to your route automatically. This means that you always have all the relevant information at your fingertips: type of plug required, available charging currents, opening times and costs for the charging station as well as points of interest in the direct surroundings, such as a cafe or restaurant. When travelling, you can call on the voice-controlled BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant at any time for answers and helpful tips. For instance, try asking: “Hey BMW, how can I increase my range?”

    BMW e-mobility BMW eDrive Zones

    BMW eDrive Zones.

    All over the world, more and more cities are setting up areas in which the traffic is either prohibited entirely or only permitted to a limited extent. In a growing number of UK cities, for example, you will encounter so-called environmental zones, which reduce the burden of exhaust fumes and CO2 emissions locally by limiting the pollutant quantities. In order to enable and promote emission-free travel through these environmental zones to the greatest extent possible, we have developed BMW eDrive Zone. Your BMW plug-in hybrid thus recognises automatically when it is entering an environmental zone and switches over independently to a locally emission-free, purely electric driving mode.

    BMW e-mobility BMW Charging card

    BMW Charging Card.

    The BMW Charging Card offers access to the nationwide and steadily expanding public network of BMW Charging.  It also includes a large number of high-power charging stations for ultra-fast charging on journeys in Europe, such as with our partner IONITY.  Charging stations of various operators are indicated in the BMW navigation system, via App or on the website and can be activated via the App or the BMW Charging Card.  A clear monthly bill lists all the operations conducted with BMW Charging.

    BMW Emobility Charging Card Tariff options

    Tariff options.

    With BMW Charging, we aim to make public charging as easy and attractive as charging at home. For example, our Flex tariff provides convenient, subscription free access to a superregional, continuously expanding public charging network - all via the BMW Charging Card or App. For frequent users, additional subscription packages offering reduced rates from bp pulse and/or IONITY are optionally available. Furthermore, BMW new-vehicle customers enjoy twelve months bp pulse package without subscription fee*. And BMW iX3 customers also receive the IONITY Plus package for twelve months without subscription fee*. 


    *This promotional offer applies to the package subscription fee only, useage costs remain the responsibility of the customer. This promotional offer does not apply to used vehicles.

    • *Please note that not all My BMW app features are available on all BMW vehicles and that app features are dependent on model and specification.


    Discover the potential savings of driving an all-electric or Plug-in Hybrid BMW in three easy steps.


    Discover the potential savings of driving an all-electric or Plug-in Hybrid BMW in three easy steps.