BMW MOT Cover.


    BMW MOT Cover provides cover in the unlikely event that your BMW Approved Used Car fails its MOT tests throughout the period of this Warranty.*


    Definitions used within this section.
    Geographical limits: United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. (including Channel Isles and Isle of Man). Vehicle: The vehicle described in the schedule.
    We, our, us: BMW (UK) Ltd. You, your, yourself: The customer named in the schedule.


    What is covered?
    • If you have an MOT test on your BMW Approved Used Car carried out during the Warranty period (and no more than 30 days before its due MOT date), and the vehicle fails the test, the cost of repair or replacement of any of the following components which the MOT Failure Document (VT30) identifies as having caused the failure of the test and as necessary to be repaired or replaced will be covered (subject to the terms below):


    • Electrical and lighting equipment – all lamps, bulbs and reflectors, horn, windscreen wipers and washers (excluding impact damage)


    • Brakes – all braking system components, but excluding adjustments or frictional material related to normal wear and tear


    • Steering and suspension – all steering and suspension components, including failure from wear and tear, but excluding adjustments


    • Seat belt and seat belt fitting – all seat belt components and mountings


    • Fuel system – carburettor, fuel injection components and ECU replacement as a result of calibration failure to meet MOT test exhaust gas emission standards. Fuel leakage from the tank and pipe is covered except where failure relates to road accident or external impact damage


    • Vehicle structure – is covered for corrosion damage, but not where the failure relates to road accident damage, external impact damage or any previous repair











    What is not covered?

    • Road wheels and tyres


    • Windscreen


    • Routine adjustments or damage resulting from impact or accident


    • The cost of the MOT test or re-test


    • Repairs which are not completed within 30 days of the issue of an MOT inspection form failing the vehicle for its MOT test


    • Advisory items cited on an MOT inspection report passing the vehicle on its MOT test


    • Circumstances where the fault causing need for repair or replacement was evident before sale or the subject of a manufacturer’s safety recall campaign


    • Any vehicle which is owned by a business formed for the purpose of selling or servicing motor vehicles


    • Vehicles which are not serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements


    • Components which have been modified from the manufacturer’s specification


    • Any vehicle used for competitions, racing, pacemaking, rallies, off road use or for hire or reward or by a driving school


    • Any repair or replacement caused by any act or omission, which is wilful, unlawful or negligent


    • Faulty repair of any item


    • Loss or damage caused by ionising radiation or radioactive contamination from any nuclear fuel or the nuclear waste arising from burning nuclear fuel


    • Loss or damage caused by the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other dangerous properties or of any explosive nuclear equipment or nuclear part of that equipment


    NB: BMW MOT Cover only applies to MOT tests taken in the period of the Warranty and only if the test is taken no more than 30 days before the MOT due date. (MOT Cover applies only where an MOT is required).


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