Communication in the BMW Models – via wireless and USB.

Are you planning to connect your mobile phone, smartphone or music player in a BMW vehicle? This is where you will find the answers to all the key questions on using your mobile devices.
Bluetooth is an industry standard that enables wireless communication between devices. Various functions are supported by Bluetooth. These include ‘Handsfree’ and ‘Phonebook Access’. Further information on Bluetooth is available by clicking the link below:
You will find a list of BMW-compatible mobile devices at Here you will also find detailed information on which functions of your mobile phone are supported in your vehicle, as well as further notes on usage.
BMW recommends that you use the BMW tested mobile devices. Any mobile devices not listed should generally permit use of the basic functions but will not have been tested by BMW.

The large number of devices on the market makes it necessary for BMW to make a selection on which devices to test. Before a mobile device can be included in the list, it has to undergo extensive testing with all mobile phone operations installed in BMW vehicles. Once the tests have been passed, the device can be included in the list. BMW cooperates with all the leading manufacturers in order to include the latest mobile devices as soon as possible after their launch.

Telephone manufacturers implement the Bluetooth standard in different ways. As implementation of the Bluetooth standard differs between mobile devices and may change during the life of a product, there may be limitations in the vehicle for which the BMW Group is not responsible.

The software, hardware and configuration of the mobile device (e.g. size of phonebook, power-saving mode), operating status of the mobile device (e.g. battery charge, length of operation, degree of usage), network and SIM card will all have an influence on their compatibility. For this reason, sporadic impairment of functions cannot be ruled out, even in the case of mobile devices which otherwise function reliably.

When the telephone system is switched on, it automatically looks for the mobile device last connected. If this is not found within a certain time period, the vehicle automatically looks for the next phone in the list of registrations. If necessary, the list will be scanned again.

Please try to set the volume via the controls of the vehicle. In other cases – depending on the mobile device used – changing the volume on the device itself may lead to an improvement.

As a general principle, the following classes of device are supported:
  • Apple iPod and iPhone
  • MP3 players and USB sticks (USB mass storage complying with the specification “USB Mass Storage Class”)
  • MP3 players with Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
The message “Device not supported” inside the vehicle indicates that the device in use belongs to an unsuitable class of devices. You will find further information here.

Up to four mobile phones may be registered in the vehicle, and you may use of one these at any given time – if your BMW vehicle supports music via Bluetooth, another device (mobile phone or a Bluetooth-capable audio player) can be connected with the vehicle at the same time.

Please click here to see whether the relevant function is possible with your mobile phone and vehicle equipment.

As a general rule, the data update is initiated as soon as the ignition is switched on. Please check the display on your mobile phone as well. It may require you to confirm the data transfer.
If the iPod is not recognised by the USB audio interface, the following steps may help:
  • Plug and unplug the iPod
  • Is the iPod connected with the right adapter cable?
  • Is the iPod battery charged?
  • Reset the iPod (