Intelligent Vision.

Keep everything in view, wherever the journey goes. Innovative Intelligent Vision technologies help in unclear situations and guarantee the best possible visibility at night. See more with a BMW.

Side View

Side View.

With Side View, it’s possible for the driver to “peek around the corner” at blind junctions or exits where the line of sight is obstructed. Two cameras built into the front wheel arches enable crossing traffic to be observed. The driver can see the video image in the Control Display, thus allowing him or her to keep an eye on everything.

BBMW Head-up Display

BMW Head-up Display.

The important information, right in the line of sight. The full colour BMW Head-up Display projects important driving information such as speed limits, the fuel gauge and radio stations onto the windscreen of the vehicle. And because the information is projected directly in the driver's field of vision, it keeps attention focused where it belongs - on the road ahead.

The brightness of the projection automatically adjusts to match exterior lighting conditions for optimum visibility, day or night. Additional display information can be chosen from the Drive Assist systems.

Speed Limit Info incl. no-overtaking indicator

Speed Limit Info incl. no-overtaking indicator.

Speed Limit Info including a no-overtaking indicator shows whether any speed restrictions apply, or whether overtaking is currently prohibited. A special camera also captures all the relevant traffic signs, while a camera mounted in the interior mirror correctly identifies any additional pictographic signs (lorries, trailers, etc.).

BMW Night Vision.

BMW Night Vision with person recognition provides a range of vision that well exceeds the beam from the headlights, making it possible to identify people and large animals at night from up to about 300m away. Accounting for the vehicle’s speed and steering angle, the system also calculates whether the identified objects pose an actual risk. Should a critical situation arise, a warning is shown in the display and in the BMW Head-up Display. In the event of danger, a blinking red symbol (animal or person) is displayed, an acoustic warning triggered and the brakes primed for optimum responsiveness. This warning system is automatically activated when the vehicle is started.

High-Beam Assistant.

More light means more safety. At night the High-Beam Assistant relieves the driver by automatically raising and dipping the beam, depending on the presence of vehicles in front or oncoming traffic. A camera installed close to the interior mirror monitors the traffic situation and reacts immediately to any light sources at distances of up to 1,000 metres. Depending on the visibility, the system decides when the headlights should be switched to high beam. The lights are also automatically dimmed when street lighting is sufficient.

BMW Selective Beam.

BMW Selective Beam.

BMW Selective Beam makes night-time driving safer and more comfortable. It provides excellent visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers. The system detects other road-users and selectively excludes them from the high-beam headlight distribution. Beam ranges of 400m ensure early detection of risks.