Advanced intelligence.

An impressive range of advanced driver assistance systems are available across the BMW model range and provide support in all driving situations.

Intelligent headlights, sensors, cameras and radar systems can combine to ensure that you are fully informed about what is happening around you and aware of potential hazards ahead.
BMW ConnectedDrive Lane Departure Warning

Intelligent driving.

Driver Assistance Systems from BMW ConnectedDrive manoeuvre your BMW through traffic jams, keeping at a safe distance when necessary, and react with lightning speed in hazardous situations.

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BMW ConnectedDrive Side View

Intelligent vision.

Keep everything in view, wherever the journey goes. Innovative Intelligent Vision technologies help in unclear situations and guarantee the best possible visibility at night. See more with a BMW.

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BMW ConnectedDrive Rear View Camera

Intelligent parking.

Intelligent parking assistance systems ensure that every journey in a BMW is enjoyable, including parking. They can help make manoeuvring easier, safer and effortless in every parking situation.

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