BMW Brand Protection


BMW Brand Protection.

Unlike counterfeits, BMW parts are tested in the toughest conditions imaginable. A wheel is one of the most stressed component on a car, bearing the weight of the car and impact from the road. Over a 15 minute journey, with an average speed of 30mph a wheel could revolve 6,300 times which means they are working hard, even during the most easy going of journeys.

Hidden dangers of counterfeit wheels facts

The hidden dangers of counterfeit wheels.

The quality of counterfeit wheels varies significantly from wheel to wheel. Whilst a counterfeit wheel can look identical to a BMW design, it often performs differently.

BMW wheel testing process

The BMW wheel testing process.

Substandard materials, low quality testing and poor workmanship make counterfeit wheels a potential danger to all road users. With a long and established history BMW has developed a stringent quality control environment to ensure that its products are top quality. BMW wheels are tested in numerous ways throughout the production process as described above.