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Whether you’re at home or out and about, charging a BMW iPerformance model couldn’t be easier.

Charging at home.
BMW iPerformance models can be easily charged at home through a conventional household power socket via the supplied standard charging cable, and will have a full battery after approximately 3.5 hours. Charging is even quicker and more convenient with the separately available BMW i Wallbox: this wall-mounted home charging point reduces the charging time to just over two hours.
The BMW i Wallbox Plus is also available, simply mounted onto the wall of the house or garage and connected to the home electrical system by our approved BMW i installation partner.

Charging on the go.
In addition to charging the vehicle at home, it is now possible (thanks to the development of the ChargeNow mobility service by BMW) to charge BMW iPerformance models quickly and easily while on-the-go.
ChargeNow Partner charging points can be found using the car’s integrated ConnectedDrive navigation system, the BMW i Remote/ConnectedDrive smartphone App or on the BMW ChargeNow homepage. Payment is cashless with the ChargeNow card and billing is made once a month. 
Power has never been this electrifying. Discover all the innovative charging solutions available to power your BMW iPerformance model – at home or on the go – with BMW 360° Electric.

Charging - how, where and when?

BMW iPerformance models need fuel for the combustion engine and electricity for the battery-driven electric motor. The electricity can come from numerous sources, as explained below.

What charging options does BMW offer for iPerformance models?

How often can and must you recharge a BMW iPerformance model?

How long does it take to charge the high-voltage battery? Is there a way of charging it quickly with DC (direct current)?

Do you need a different charging cable when abroad?

How much do the BMW charging stations for home use cost?



Via eDrive services and the BMW ConnectedDrive App, you can keep in touch with your BMW iPerformance model via your smartphone. Various functions are available, all designed to make owning and using a BMW iPerformance model a seamless experience.

What does BMW ConnectedDrive offer for BMW iPerformance models?

Which smartphone operating systems are supported?

Can I also control the above functions via the Internet?

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