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Designed with the same precision we bring to our cars and motorcycles, BMW’s award-winning bicycles are not your average pedal bike. Every bike in the range has been carefully crafted and built using the best components and technology. From the Hydroformed Aluminium Frames to the Carbon Seat Supports, we’ve worked hard to ensure every BMW journey is a better one.


We’ve partnered with premium bike makers “Specialized” to create an electric mountain bike that thoroughly complements the new BMW X3. The BMW Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie is the perfect companion for any adventure. 


The BMW Cruise M-Bike is the perfect example of the skilled design and performance focused approach you expect from BMW M. Suntour Suspension, a Shimano Shift System and Continental Tyres are just a few of the parts that make up this dynamic BMW bicycle. These along with strong sculpted lines and the instantly recognisable bull-neck frame hide well-honed technology brought together to create a unique riding experience.


Our BMW e-bike is a statement, not only visually but ethically. In developing the BMW e-bike, we included sustainability experts as well as engineers and designers. Knowing innovation happens when expertise is pooled, we also partnered with the market leader for batteries and electric motors: BOSCH. The addition of electric power means it can be activated at any time and enables the rider to stay relaxed, whilst also protecting the environment.

Integrating their environmentally friendly Performance Line drive unit into the final product means the 28” rims can reach a speed of up to 15mph; the perfect example of excellent design leading to brilliant performance.


1. Simply go to the BMW Bicycles section of the BMW Shop.

2. Choose the bicycle you want. 

3. Choose your preferred BMW Centre to buy online.

4. Select from a home delivery or click & collect from your chosen BMW Centre.

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