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Heritage and tradition of a great brand.

Moving: automobiles, outstanding personalities and technical innovations shape the ongoing heritage of the BMW brand. BMW Mobile Tradition offers activities and events to celebrate the history of BMW. You can get involved by joining one of the many BMW car clubs across the country.

Shaped by milestones and innovations.

It all started with aircraft engines, followed by motorcycles and finally automobiles – which have been setting milestones in motorsport from the very beginning. BMW Classic coordinates all activities that are connected with this rich and varied heritage. For almost 90 years, BMW as a company has been steadily making its mark on history. Find out everything about the commitment of BMW Classic – ranging from the historical archives, via the vehicle collection, communication and museum, to the international clubs scene.

BMW Heritage.

BMW moves. In the air, on the road, in motorsport. Outstanding developments, impressive technology and passionate commitment have made BMW into a brand that is at home throughout the world. From the first world record in 1919 up to the present – from the first high-altitude carburettor to the standard production hybrid vehicle.

BMW Car Club: Shared driving pleasure.

The BMW Car Club is the only independent club for BMW owners in the UK. The aim of the club is to provide something for everyone interested in BMW, regardless of the age of the car or member.
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