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Company Car Drivers

BMW Fleet & Business Sales offers company car drivers a strong range of products and services.

Fleet Managers

Everything you need to know about how BMW Fleet cars and services can benefit you and your organisation.

Smaller Businesses

Exceptional contract hire rates are available to fleet managers of fewer than 50 company cars with the BMW Business Partnership.

BMW Car Comparator

Learn about all of the advantages that a BMW can bring by comparing the car you currently drive with a new BMW or a competitors' model.

BMW Specialist Sales

BMW offers a range of specialist products and services, including Security and Authority vehicles, dedicated programmes for diplomats and members of international organisations, and assistance with Tax Free, Export and LHD Sales enquiries.

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest news from the business world of BMW.

The BMW Chauffeur Programme

The BMW Chauffeur Programme offers a tailored suite of services for chauffeur businesses and professional drivers alike with appealing finance rates.

Corporate Service, Maintenance & Repair Guide

This comprehensive guide explains how business customers can benefit from our latest products and developments in terms of servicing, maintenance and repair.
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