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Agility and driving dynamics in the BMW Z4 Roadster.

When it comes to demonstrating its strengths, the BMW Z4 doesn’t make any compromises. The optional Adaptive M suspension offers excellent road holding without forfeiting comfort. The Drive Performance Control adapts the chassis settings to your desired driving style at the press of a button – comfortable or sporty, the BMW Z4 lets you have both. The seven-speed Sport automatic double-clutch transmission promises uninterrupted acceleration. And a dynamic driving experience in a class of its own.

Seven-speed Sport automatic double-clutch transmission.

Seven gears, two clutches and uninterrupted acceleration. The seven-speed Sport automatic transmission of the BMW Z4 powers you forward effortlessly. Two clutches switch between the two drive trains in milliseconds, without the slightest jolt and without interrupting the traction.

Double-clutch transmission

Gearshift paddles


Adaptive M suspension.

The optional Adaptive M suspension allows the sports tuning of the BMW Z4 to be increased as required without compromising on comfort.
Lowering the chassis by 10 mm produces increased agility. Using the Drive Performance Control switch, the driver can also choose between a setting geared towards sports character and one with an emphasis on comfort. During the journey, sensors continuously measure data and control the shock absorber valves in the Adaptive M suspension according to the driving situation and road profile. This takes place for each wheel individually so that optimum road holding is guaranteed at all times.

Sports mode.

With the Drive Performance Control set to Sports mode, the engine and driving dynamics of your BMW Z4 react even more directly, allowing you an enhanced sports driving style.
Sports mode is activated using the Drive Performance Control fitted as standard in the central console. Through a predefined setup and according to the equipment selected, it results in a considerably sportier adjustment of the drive and suspension – compared with the standard settings. The engine responds more spontaneously. In combination with the automatic transmission, shift points have considerably more sporting character. And combined with the Adaptive M suspension, the chassis has a far more athletic setting. If variable sports steering is chosen, the assistance from power steering is reduced, which ensures a more direct feeling of steering control.
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