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The driving dynamics of the BMW X5 ensure driving fun every time you get behind the wheel – with every twist and turn and at all speeds. The driver assistance systems guarantee perfect contact with the driving surface, be it on tight bends, during steep descents or at high speeds.

BMW X5 M50d.

The BMW X5 M50d benefits from the unique expertise of BMW M engineers. Focused on a special, fine-tuned powertrain, agile suspension and dynamic steering system, the result is a vehicle that delivers an exhilarating combination of sheer dynamism, comfort and everyday usability.





At the peak of its power: discover the unbeatable
driving dynamics of the BMW X5.

BMW xDrive.

The intelligent four-wheel drive BMW xDrive system adapts perfectly to the most challenging road surfaces and conditions to always offer outstanding traction.
BMW xDrive’s sensors constantly monitor the vehicle’s behavior. Under normal conditions, you enjoy the typical, agile BMW experience provided by a rear-wheel drive. In special road conditions – such as a slippery or uneven carriageway, tight bends or uphill stretches, BMW xDrive intervenes. Barely detectable, yet highly effective, it shifts power distribution instantly to the axle with the highest traction. Before you even notice, the vehicle is already stabilised. BMW xDrive makes for a more precise, more agile and more dynamic driving experience – and you always arrive at your destination safely.

Active steering.

A new dimension in steering comfort − active steering offers precision, agility and comfort in every situation.
At slow speeds, say when you’re driving in town, parking or on winding roads, active steering enlarges the steering angle. You can handle tight corners with a smaller movement of the steering wheel and without having to shuffle-steer. This improves the agility of your BMW and parking becomes simple.
To keep you in control in the upper speed range, active steering provides a more indirect steering ratio at speeds from from around 75 to 85 mph (depending on the model and set-up). This reduces steering movement so you can steer more precisely in long corners − giving you greater stability and comfort. In critical situations,  if the car oversteers or when braking on an unpredictable surface, active steering intervenes to assist, faster than even the most skilful driver.
Since the active system is supplementary and doesn’t interrupt the direct connection between driver and road, the BMW can still be fully steered even if the system fails. If a fault is detected, the active steering adjustment mechanism is automatically blocked by  the safety circuit. So you always stay in full control of any situation.

Adaptive Suspension packages.

The BMW X5’s majestic looks are reflected in the way it drives – especially with the optional Adaptive Suspension packages. Sporty or comfortable, these packages guarantee the best possible road-holding in all situations.
The Adaptive Suspension Comfort package delivers maximum driving comfort while retaining hallmark BMW driving dynamics. It lets you individually adjust the suspension and damping response at any time. The rear axle air suspension guarantees a consistently high level of driving comfort regardless of the number of passengers or load you are carrying.
If you want a more dynamic suspension set-up, Driving Performance Control offers you the additional options of Sport and Sport+ mode.
The Adaptive Suspension Dynamic package lets you optimise the dynamic potential of your car further. Dynamic Performance Control and Dynamic Drive guarantee exceptionally sporty driving dynamics, reflected in a very neutral steering response and minimum side tilt when taking corners. All while retaining a high level of drive comfort.
You get the best of both worlds from the Active Suspension Professional package. It combines features of the Adaptive Suspension Comfort package with the Adaptive Suspension Dynamic package, for maximum driving comfort and outstanding driving dynamics.




Adaptive M Suspension


Eight-speed automatic transmission.

The eight-speed automatic transmission sets a new benchmark in terms of dynamic performance and efficiency. It is a key element of BMW EfficientDynamics.
The finely-tuned progression of gears allows for optimum power delivery − from low to high speeds. This cuts fuel consumption significantly, while you enjoy increased sports flair and dynamic performance.
The additional gears reduce engine speed, especially at high speed, cutting both fuel consumption and engine noise. The converter clutch adds to the effect − even if you change into manual gearshift mode. Combined with the fast engine speed transitions and the precise transmission tuning, it delivers easier gear shifts and reduces noise.
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