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CO2 emissions in g/km

- [49.0] / - [49.0]

Tank capacity (ltr)


Tank capacity (gals)


Range and charging duration

Electric range in km

- [37]

Capacity of lithium-ion battery in kWh


Standard charging AC with 16A (80%)


Electric range (mean customer value) in km

- [30]


Top speed (km/h)

- [250]

Acceleration 0-62 mph (sec)

- [4.4]

Top speed fully electric in km/h

- [120]


Unladen (EU) (kg)

- [1560]

Max permissible (kg)

- [1870]

Max permissible (lbs)

- [4123]

Permitted load (kg)

- [385]

Permitted load (lbs)

- [849]

Permitted axle load, front/rear (kg)

-/- [895/1010]

Permitted axle load, front/rear (lbs)

-/- [1973/2227]


Cylinders/valves per cylinder


Capacity (cc)


Capacity (cinch)


Stroke/Bore (mm)


Stroke/Bore (inch)


Max torque (Nm/rpm)


Compression ratio : 1



Electric motor\: Output in kW (PS)


Electric motor\: Max. torque in Nm



Max system output (kW/hp/rpm)

266 (362)/5800


Tyre size front

- [195/50 R20 93 W]

Tyre size rear

- [215/45 R20 95 W]

Wheel size front

7J x 20 LM

Wheel size rear

7.5J x 20 LM

Information about the data
All of the content has been put together with the greatest possible care. Despite this, BMW (UK) Ltd cannot be held liable for the information and prices contained being free of errors, correct, and accurate. No guarantee can be provided nor liability accepted.
The fuel consumption given in miles per gallon and the CO2 emission given in grams per kilometre represent the combined values. In line with new European standards, the range shown displays the fuel consumption and CO2 values from the smallest to largest wheel size available on the selected model.
Where there is a reference to CO2 emissions (g/km) upper band this is based on the combined cycle and refers to the highest CO2 value on the largest wheel size available on the selected model in line with new European standards.
hese figures are for the basic model with the transmission offered in the basic version. They are determined using the prescribed measuring methods (Directive 80 / 1268 / EEC in its current version). They do not relate to any one particular vehicle, nor are they part of any offer made, rather they are solely for the purpose of comparing different kinds of vehicle.
Further information about the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions for new passenger cars can be obtained from the ‘The Passenger Car (Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions Information) Regulations’ (see
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