Take the rough with the smooth.

BMW 4x4s are strong, capable, spacious, and ready to go off the beaten track. They bring superior driving dynamics, a commanding view of the road and a premium feel to the driving experience. With this also comes the security of superb four-wheel drive capabilities that, thanks to xDrive, are perfect for imperfect conditions. What’s more, they also ensure that emissions are remarkably low, which is made possible with BMW TwinPower Turbo engines and BMW EfficientDynamics technology.

BMW 4x4 Collage BMW 4x4 Collage

What is a 4x4?

The term 4x4 refers to a vehicle that drives power from the engine to all four wheels, not just the front two or rear two like in saloon or coupé models. The difference with the BMW 4x4 drive system is that power is constantly adjusted and selectively sent to each wheel independently; this is achieved using BMW xDrive. This intelligent system monitors the wheels and diverts power for maximum grip, whether driving over difficult ground or a hairpin bend. This ability to send power to individual wheels makes driving in difficult conditions manageable and even enjoyable.

BMW 4x4 Collage BMW 4x4 Collage

Small 4x4.

Traditionally, the concept of a 4x4 vehicle is large and bulky, but this isn’t always the case. The BMW range of small 4x4 models is sleek, with a coupé look and feel. The BMW X4 is a perfect example of this, offering everything expected in a larger car in a smaller package. Its flowing aerodynamic lines coupled with a high driving position create a car that, although slimmer, still has the classic 4x4 presence. It really is the best of both worlds.


Explore the BMW 4x4 models.

Each BMW 4x4 model is ready to explore, from the city to the road less taken. Take a closer look at the range today and discover the perfect model for the next adventure.