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What is Deezer on BMW ConnectedDrive?

Deezer is a leading global music service, providing instant and unlimited access to music you love.

Go to and enjoy 15 days of Deezer Premium+ for free. With Premium+ you can:

    1. Listen without limits to millions of songs, in High Quality sound.
    2. Sync your music to your device for offline listening.
    3. Give music the attention it deserves. No ads, no interruptions.
    4. Build your own music library with your favourite artists, albums, and playlists.
    5. Explore thousands of artist and themed radio channels.
    6. Receive hand-picked recommendations by our music editors.
    7. Store your own MP3s on Deezer, so that all your music is in one place.

Please find out more about Premium+.

A Deezer Premium or a free Discovery account lets you enjoy thousands of free themed and artist radio channels.

Just get into your BMW and enjoy your personal music entertainment.

To use Deezer, simply download the latest version of the Deezer app for iPhone and connect your smartphone to your BMW via the USB port or snap-in adapter. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

The availability of Deezer may vary from country to country.


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