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How does a customer recycle a battery or end of life vehicle?

BMW is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index for its continued commitment to reducing environmental impact. This attitude is integral to every stage of the car’s life - manufacturing, use, servicing and finally recycling. BMW specialists start laying the foundations for the end of a vehicle’s life during the product development process. Our engineers and design team work closely with our very own recycling specialists to analyse the environmental impact of a car’s components. This includes:

The neutralisation of pyrotechnic devices.
During the development phase, the vehicle electronics are designed so that all pyrotechnic devices can be controlled and activated using one common interface.

Draining of fluids.
Consideration is given to making sure that all operating fluids such as oils, air-conditioning system refrigerant, brake fluid and radiator coolant can be removed quickly and simply from the vehicle once it reaches the end of its life.

Material labelling.
All components are labelled in accordance with the international ISO standards. This enables materials to be sorted in the right way.

Using recycled materials.
Recycled materials are used in various areas such as insulation, boot ventilation and other aspects of the car that are not in direct view or part of a safety feature. Read more here

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