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BMW Accident Repairs


Everything you need to know about
getting your BMW repaired.

We all know accidents happen, which is why we offer a complete range of car repair options for your vehicle. From car scratch repairs to get your car looking like new, to a replacement wheel to more substantial accident damage repair. All repairs are carried out at a BMW Approved Bodyshop where only Genuine BMW Parts and the latest Approved BMW repair techniques are used to return your BMW to its original Euro NCAP safety rating.


Our promise to you.

Every one of our BMW Approved Bodyshops commits to delivering the best service and reassurance during your vehicle’s repair process.

We promise to: support you and your insurer with advice and guidance; respond quickly to any questions; only entrust BMW trained technicians to carry out work on your vehicle; only use BMW Approved methods of repair; always use Genuine BMW Parts and paints; keep you informed every step of the way; ensure you keep your BMW anti-corrosion warranty after the repair of your vehicle; provide certification of the completed work which guarantees the repairs for the rest of your ownership and we will return your car washed and vacuumed.

Minor repairs.

Finding that first scratch, car dent or cracked screen is always heart-sinking. But, with BMW Accident Repairs, you can cut out the distress of finding these imperfections. Your local BMW Approved Bodyshop is well equipped to handle all minor repairs. Whether it is a small scuff or scratch on the alloy wheels, a small dent caused by a car door or shopping trolley, scratches on the paintwork, stone chip damage to your windscreen or other glass repairs, they can help. If your BMW has fine scratches or blemishes collected over the winter months or through motorway driving, we’ll make use of the orbital machine polisher and have the colour and gloss levels of your BMW restored. All completed quickly and at a lower cost than you might expect.

Complimentary Accident Recovery.

It’s never a nice feeling to be involved in an accident. With complimentary Accident Recovery, all BMW drivers can ensure they are never on their own, regardless of the circumstances of the accident. All new BMWs are now fitted with BMW Emergency Call as standard, which will contact the emergency services automatically, in the event of a major accident. For smaller collisions, where your car is left immobile, simply call 0800 777 111, and we’ll collect your vehicle and deliver it to your nearest BMW Approved Bodyshop.

Terms and Conditions

BMW Car Insurance.

Protect your new BMW with the cover it deserves with BMW’s fully comprehensive insurance policy. Benefits include: access to a courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired, 24-hour access to motoring legal advice and replacement of broken or damaged glass with no effect on claims discounts.

Find out more about our Defaqto 5-star rated BMW Car insurance and the range of other BMW Insurance Solutions products available.

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1. If you have taken advantage of BMW Accident Recovery your BMW will already be at a BMW Approved Bodyshop. For any other repairs, either request a repair estimate or get in touch with your local BMW Centre, to arrange a suitable time for the repair at a BMW Approved Bodyshop. Remember your rights and always insist that your insurance company uses a BMW Approved Bodyshop to carry out any repairs to your vehicle.
2. Take your car to your local BMW Approved Bodyshop at the arranged time.


Question: What is the guarantee on BMW parts?
Answer: By using Genuine BMW Parts, you can be assured that your vehicle will be restored to the same exacting standards that it was originally created to. In addition, every Genuine BMW Part comes with a two-year, fitted parts warranty. Every one of the 20,000 components that typically make up your BMW is the product of an incredible amount of thought and expertise. Ensure that you receive and retain the best quality and performance by only replacing with Genuine BMW Parts.
Question: How do I know how much my vehicle’s repair will cost?
Answer: You can find out how much the repair work on your BMW will cost by either requesting an estimate or speaking directly with your local BMW Approved Bodyshop.
Question: What do I do if my BMW requires a major repair?
Answer: You can contact BMW Accident Recovery and have your vehicle towed to a BMW Approved Bodyshop where any major repairs can be carried out. 
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