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The city at your fingertips.

BMW i is not just about innovative electric and hybrid cars, it's about intelligently linking BMW drivers with the world around them. i Mobility Services are the constantly evolving ways in which we make life flow seamlessly, both in and out of the car.


DriveNow is the car sharing service of BMW, MINI, and SIXT. It’s a flexible way for people to hire cars when and where they need them. You can locate available cars using the app, website or simply get into a DriveNow car on the street.
The clever part is that your customer card's Near Field Communication (NFC) chip acts as the key to the entire fleet, or alternatively you can just open cars with your DriveNow App.
DriveNow is already available in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Vienna and San Francisco. Further cities are being planned and the car portfolio is continually being expanded. Billing is per-minute, and fuel costs and parking charges for on-street public spaces is included.


Get plugged into everything that's going on in your city. MyCityWay is a free app that acts as an inspirational travel guide. The app provides a wealth of information including current traffic reports, shop opening hours, cashpoint locations and even restaurant tips.
MyCityWay finds your location and gives you customised information in real time. Depending on your level of familiarity with the city, you can switch between two options: Local and Newcomer, each offering tailor-made information.
MyCityWay is currently available for over 70 cities (including the UK) and is continually expanding to include more.


ParkNow is an innovative online marketplace that brings together owners of private parking spaces and people searching for somewhere to park their car (it also shows which spaces offer electric vehicle charging stations). This opens up a wealth of affordable city centre parking for drivers and earns homeowners a little extra money.


ChargeNow from BMW i makes it quick and easy to locate and plug into a nationwide network of public charging stations. Using the BMW i Navigation through BMW ConnectedDrive, ChargeNow informs you of charge points' live availability, where you can use your ChargeNow card to access the network and pay without cash.
You will receive a detailed monthly statement of the individual charges billed and the corresponding costs. ChargeNow is available as a standalone service or as part of BMW Electric Packages.


If you’re travelling on public transport, Embark offers you accurate, interactive information to help you reach your destination. Regionally specific, step-by-step instructions and real time information about delays or train cancellations will help your journey run smoothly. The app is fully functional even without an Internet or mobile phone connection, so tunnels and underground stations won’t disrupt your planning.
Embark is currently available in 12 important transport networks in the UK and the USA with others to follow. In London, Embark also incorporates the Cycle Hire scheme.


Life360 is an innovative smartphone app that connects you and your family in urban areas. Using location-based technology and check-in functionality, the current location of different family members is displayed on a map. Other functions include direct chat, navigation instructions to a location and a panic button for emergencies. This service can open up many opportunities and enriches the way families live in and experience cities. 
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