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ConnectedDrive Services.

The key to the world of BMW ConnectedDrive is the ConnectedDrive Services special equipment option. It offers a wide range of intelligent services and apps that provide you with information and entertainment during your journey. You can also book other optional services and apps from BMW ConnectedDrive such as Concierge Services or Real Time Traffic Information.

A feature with countless possibilities.

With the ConnectedDrive Services special equipment option, you not only get numerous services but also the innovative BMW Apps technology. This enables the use of many smartphone applications such as BMW Connected in your vehicle. Now you can experience new features every day: embark on a voyage of discovery, obtain tips on your journey, take your office into your car, or enjoy entertainment in your BMW. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of BMW ConnectedDrive.


Search the Internet with Google in your BMW as well. Find the best restaurants in town with recommendations from BMW Online. And with the aid of My Info/Send to Car, take the most important addresses, telephone numbers or short messages with you into your vehicle. Everything is possible with the ConnectedDrive Services. Stay fully up to date at all times and enjoy a new experience with every trip. 
You'll find more information under these headings in the A-Z:
My Info / Send to Car, BMW Online Applications, Google™ Services

Travel better, arrive more relaxed.

Travelling is more than just reaching your destination – so make every journey an experience. Would you like to find out more about the route or destination? Your BMW knows the most attractive spots, can tell you what the weather will be like and will inform you about the sights en route. The ConnectedDrive Services special equipment option offers you the perfect features for travel and navigation.
You'll find more information under these headings in the A-Z:

BMW Routes, BMW Online Weather, BMW M Laptimer App, Sixt app

Your mobile office.

BMW ConnectedDrive brings your office into your BMW. Make yourself comfortable and set up your office right inside your vehicle. With BMW ConnectedDrive you can receive, read and reply to emails. Dictate and send notes or messages. Or synchronise your data with the vehicle. And what else is going on in the world? Your BMW knows what you're interested in and reads you the latest news during the journey via the audio system – all part of the functions of ConnectedDrive Services.
To make sure you always remain in touch look under these headings in the A-Z:
BMW Online Applications, BMW Online Office, Bluetooth Office, Message Dictation, BMW Online News, Calendar, Siri activation


There’s so much to experience while on the road in your BMW. And because the right soundtrack turns every route into an adventure, there are music apps to play the right song to suit every situation. So now, whether you’re going to work, on a shopping trip or on holiday, you can compile your own radio station, choose from a wide range of audio books or stream your own music – straight into your BMW with the ConnectedDrive Services equipment option. 
To make sure you hear the music to match the moment look under these heading in the A-Z:
AUPEO! Personal Internet Radio, Deezer, TuneIn, Napster, Audible, Amazon Music App, Spotify

Driver Profiles.

The seat position, temperature setting, driver assistance systems, your favourite radio channels and all your contact data: when you take the driver’s seat in a BMW that you don’t drive every day, you would still like to feel at home in it, right away. Doing so is perfectly simple with Driver Profiles. The USB port in the glove compartment lets you download and store all your personal data and settings on a USB memory stick and upload them again later, or in another BMW – it only takes moments to recreate your familiar vehicle surroundings. Your very own personal settings – whenever and wherever you like.

BMW 360° Electric.

Power has never been this electrifying. Discover all the innovative charging solutions available to power your BMW i or iPerformance model – at home or on the go – with BMW 360° Electric.

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