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The classic Saloon body shape has such a wide range of utility that it’s suitable for virtually any on-road purpose. From family road trips to luxury business travel, the modern-day Saloon is the stylish way to achieve practicality. Along with driving technology and M Sport upgrades, your school run, daily commute or driving holiday will be that much more enjoyable.


With a spacious and stylish BMW Saloon you’ll have a car suitable for any journey. From long-range business travel to high-powered motorsport applications, the Saloon car has models for all requirements. As a large 5-door vehicle it is perfect as a family car too, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.


Helping you to go further in comfort, space and safety is the mainstay of a BMW Saloon. Outstanding fuel efficiency, as well as excellent safety features such as Cruise Control with Brake Function, means you’ll have constant peace of mind behind the wheel. Enjoy long journeys with the various standard and optional features available.


The iconic BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series all offer a model in the Saloon body shape, designed to suit any requirement. Each series model offers its own take on the Saloon design, but all come with exceptional BMW quality and attention to detail as standard.

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