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The joy of BMW ownership, the chance to be at the forefront of motoring innovation. A totally responsive drive, with zero emissions at the point of use*. A familiar shape, but underneath, 21st century electric technology. The ease of filling stations, but every household socket is an option to charge up. Welcome to BMW iPerformance.
BMW iPerformance takes the best of combustion engine engineering using BMW’s renowned EfficientDynamics, and marries it to modern battery technology and an electric motor. The result is a BMW with two power sources, and a model for every possibility. 


Plug-in hybrid, PHEV, or BMW iPerformance - the principle is the same: use the best of combustion and battery technology to reduce the vehicle’s emissions. And with BMW iPerformance, you also get a drive that makes you smile.


Whatever your motoring needs, there’s a BMW iPerformance model that fulfils them. From family car to supercar, off-roading to business user, they’re all capable of driving purely on batteries, for zero emissions at the point of use*.


BMW iPerformance models go as far as you want, using familiar petrol stations and either a household socket or one of the many public charging stations to charge the batteries. Getting the best of both worlds for a drive that’s unsurpassed.


The outstanding emissions figures achieved by BMW iPerformance models impose concessions on their other capabilities. Weigh the pros and cons of BMW iPerformance models and decide if they suit your lifestyle.


At BMW we have partnered with a range of companies and have a selection of accessories to make the change from regular motoring to plug-in hybrid motoring easy, simple and rewarding. 

*Zero emissions at the point of use. This means that any emissions created in generating the electricity to charge the batteries is not included. For completely zero emissions, the electricity must come from a zero emissions source, such as solar panels.
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