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Owning a BMW Hatchback means that you get a vehicle that’s an excellent all-rounder, with three or five doors, designed for the family and boasting plenty of space. And because it’s a BMW, you also get a car that’s superbly engineered, a joy to drive and with a premium feel at every touch.
At BMW we have different names for our hatchback models. BMW 1 Series hatchbacks, in both three and five-door versions are Sports Hatches, while the BMW 3 and 5 Series hatchbacks are Gran Turismo models. They’re all practical family cars, yet have been designed with driver enjoyment firmly in mind.


Flexible cabin space that adjusts to your needs, the driving characteristics of a saloon. A hatchback offers the best of both worlds.


From finding your way to entertaining occupants, the technology in every BMW makes even the longest journey a pleasure, and is controlled via one of the most intuitive systems.


Running costs that don’t break the bank. BMW Hatchbacks have a wide range of features while engineering excellence ensures low emissions and excellent efficiency.


Three sizes of vehicle for differing needs. All beautifully finished and with the option of something seriously fast too.

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