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There’s a BMW model to fit every family, from small to large, because there’s a range of BMW model options, from small to large. 


The BMW 1 Series 5-door offers a best-in-class driving experience and a design that has sport at its heart. Five doors make it easy to live with, while next-generation TwinPower Turbo diesel and petrol engines in a range of sizes cater for every driving style. There’s even all-wheel drive on the most powerful diesel-engined versions. Choose from SE, Sport or M Sport models, while for the ultimate in small car family motoring there’s the BMW M140i 5-door Sports Hatch.
The BMW X1 provides the space and flexibility to be a vital part of the most adventurous lifestyles, and the presence to turn heads wherever it goes. The long wheelbase and short overhangs are characteristic of a car built for adventure, whether in the city or off road. Two or all-wheel drive, petrol or diesel engines, plus a range of trim levels make this the ideal choice for the outdoor family.


BMW brings its renowned driving approach to the MPV sector. The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer has space, flexibility and a rewarding drive as standard across all 23 variants. Petrol or diesel engines in a range of horsepower outputs, with all-wheel drive an option on the most powerful make for a family car for every occasion.
And for those with an eye to the future there’s the BMW iPerformance Active Tourer, a plug-in electric hybrid model that drives like a BMW, yet can drive for up to 25 miles on batteries alone before its petrol engine kicks in.
The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer provides even more internal space, yet maintains BMW’s approach to an engaging dynamic drive. An extra row of seats means it is a genuine seven seater, while folded down it has capacious carrying capabilities. Choose the engine to suit – petrol or diesel – and if you need it, there’s an all-wheel drive option on the most powerful diesel engine variant.


Providing a 1,500-litre capacity boot, top-class efficiency and an unforgettably dynamic driving experience, the BMW 3 Series Touring invites you to take the long way home. Engine choices are petrol or diesel, with all-wheel drive an option on the larger diesel-engined versions. A range of trims, optional extras and accessories allow for personalisation.
The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo offers a different take on moving the family. Its hatchback shape gives it fractionally more interior space than the BMW 3 Series Touring, while the cabin gives a slightly higher seating position and more legroom than the Touring model. With all-wheel drive available on both petrol and diesel-engined variants and a range of trim levels, it could be the perfect marriage.
As the first Sports Activity Vehicle, the BMW X3 is the founder of a vehicle class. All-wheel drive across all models creates a vehicle that’s as suited to everyday driving as it is to more challenging journeys. The exterior exudes typical BMW X character, while the interior is a comfortable relaxing place for all, thanks to high quality materials.


The BMW 5 Series vehicles combine vast carrying capabilities with the ability to cross continents in style and luxury. Effortless power from highly efficient TwinPower Turbo engines, they’re also eminently practical family cars, able to seat five – and in the case of the BMW X5 seven. With the Touring model you’ll be in an executive car that’s a cut above the others in style, comfort and driving dynamics.
Behind the wheel of the BMW X5 is a special place. Power with refinement, yet a vast boot, a seven seat option and the ability to tow up to 3,500kg depending on the choice of engine make this the ultimate family car. TwinPower Turbo engines deliver excellent efficiencies, but for even lower emissions there is the BMW X5 iPerformance model, with batteries to power an electric motor in addition to its combustion engine. 
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