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There are many aspects to consider when buying a family car. Has it got enough space? How much does it cost to run? Is it baby-friendly, and in the future, will it be child-friendly? Is its safety best-in-class? And if you’re part of a company car scheme, are the BIK rates good? At BMW, we’ve considered all these issues and more. 
Better yet, whichever model best fits your needs, it will also be first and foremost a driver’s car. So although you might be transporting an old fridge to the recycling centre, or halfway through the school run, your connection with the road and the engineering under your right foot will put a smile on your face.


A family car has to perform many roles, but key to them all is its internal space and flexibility. Whether you’re moving people, household goods or a combination of both, BMW vehicles have everyday practicality.


Large boots, seats that split and fold, and a range of accessories ensure that whatever you need to carry, there’s a BMW that fits the bill.


TwinPower Turbo engines ensure exceptional efficiencies, service plans guarantee no nasty surprises, and a range of finance packages ensure initial affordability.


Keeping the driver and passengers safe is a central BMW theme. Chassis design and clear instrumentation play their part, while various technological aids work unnoticed until it’s time to inform.


Small, medium or large? BMW has a model for every size of family and their needs, available with a range of engines and in different trim levels.

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