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At BMW we’ve spent a long time looking at what a car can be, and what it should do. We’ve thought about how to reduce emissions, about the demands of a car factory on the environment, and above all, how the BMW driving experience can be transferred to an electric car. The result is the BMW i3 and BMW i8.
Their carbon-fibre passenger compartments are both lighter and stronger than steel, while the batteries are mounted as low as possible to maximise handling. Inside, responsibly sourced materials and processes create a space that, in the BMW i3, is open and luxurious. And to drive? Pure BMW in every sense.


A plug-in hybrid doesn’t offer the same levels of economy, but its petrol engine gives it a range advantage. And in the BMW i8, supercar performance. The best of both worlds, from BMW.


Driving an electric car, every electrical socket is a fuel station. And if your BMW i3 or BMW i8 is charging when not in use, the full range is available every time you get behind the wheel.


When it’s not in use, keep it plugged it in. Whether it’s your phone, your electric toothbrush or your BMW i. So it’s always ready to go.


Making the change from a traditional car to an electric car can be daunting. At BMW we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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