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The BMW 4x4. Strong. Capable. Spacious. Prepared to go off the beaten track if necessary, but just as at home in the city. Above all, a BMW. So it drives to make you smile, it holds the road where others let go, and it feels premium at every touch.
BMW 4x4 models are adaptable too. A flexible load space with a high seating position gives a great view of the road ahead for the driver, and of the passing scenery for the passengers. The security of four-wheel drive when conditions get treacherous gives you peace of mind and helps to keep your loved ones safe. And while BMW 4x4 vehicles provide an unmatched dynamic drive, BMW TwinPower Turbo engines and BMW EfficientDynamics technology ensure remarkably low emissions, whether you choose the BMW X1 or the BMW X6.

WHAT IS 4x4?

Power where it’s needed. BMW 4x4 vehicles send power to each of the wheels, but selectively, so those that are gripping get more and those that are slipping get less.


There are different approaches to engineering 4x4 drive, but BMW’s approach, xDrive, is the most intelligent. It reacts in a fraction of a second, making driving safer in all conditions, no matter what’s underfoot.


BMW 4x4 models come in different sizes for different roles, from the BMW X1, X3 and X5, perfect for families, through to the cross-over coupé shapes of the BMW X4 and X6.

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