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At BMW, we understand the importance of charging capabilities, both at home and in public. That’s why multiple ways of recharging have been pioneered and made a reality for UK drivers. What’s more, new partnerships have been created, and in doing so established access to the largest network of charging stations across the UK. So, wherever your journey takes you, a charging station is probably closer than you think.

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  • Where can I charge an electric or plug-in hybrid car?

    Your electric or plug-in hybrid car can be charged wherever you have access to power – whether at home or at the workplace, from a conventional socket or with the BMW Wallbox Connect for faster charging. When you are travelling, public AC Fast charging stations are available from providers such as ChargeNow or high-power Rapid charging stations, such as those from IONITY.

  • What does it cost to charge an electric car on average?

    The average costs for charging an electric car vary and depend on the local electricity tariff and/or the provider of the charging station. To see whether you could save by driving a BMW Electric or Plug-in Hybrid model, why not click to try out our Test Your Drive comparison tool?

  • What is the right way to charge an electric car?

    Charging an electric car correctly simply involves inserting the plug. The coloured display inside the charging port flap tells you whether charging is taking place correctly. The charging operation is terminated automatically when the battery is fully charged, which therefore protects the battery.

  • How long does it take to charge an electric car?

    The time taken to charge electric cars (depending on the cable or charging station) takes longer with alternating current (AC), while direct current (DC) is significantly faster. The new BMW i3, for example, is charged from 0-80% after approx. 40 minutes when charged with 50 kW at a Rapid charging (DC) station. These are commonly found at motorway service stations. Alternatively, using a BMW i Wallbox Connect, the charging time is between 3 - 5 hours.

  • Is there any way to speed up the charging process for an electric car?

    Yes, there is. You can speed up the charging process for an electric car by using a Rapid or high-power charging station (DC), for example, such as those provided by IONITY. For domestic purposes, the use of a Wallbox has advantages over a regular socket. However, the plugs of BMW plug-in hybrids are not compatible with Rapid or high-power charging (DC) stations.

  • Which charging stations can I use?

    Your BMW electric or plug-in hybrid car can be charged with alternating current (AC), at any* publically available charging station with a Type 2 connector. BMW pure electric models can additionally be charged with direct current (DC), at any* publically available charging station with a Combined Charging System (CCS) connector.

    With ChargeNow we offer a steadily expanding and nationwide network of public charge stations, including high-power-charging stations from partner providers. The charging cable for public charging is already included with the standard equipment. For more information and to register please visit:

    *Specific network membership, Apps or RFID cards may be required.

  • What apps are there to help with electric driving?

    Using the BMW Connected App* on your smartphone you can check the current charging status and available range of your BMW electric car. To get detailed information on the availability of public charging infrastructure simply display the public charging stations via the BMW Connected App* or the vehicle navigation system.

    *This requires the ConnectedDrive Services option and a compatible smartphone. The availability and functions of the BMW Connected App depend on the vehicle model and may vary according to the market. You will find detailed information at

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You can get your BMW i Wallbox installed by BMW’s official installation partner, and every installation is always performed using a certified electrician. Just order it at your preferred BMW Centre. They will carry out the consultation, delivery, installation, and activation of your private charging station, which includes up to 15m of suitable cable. If it does require any additional work or optional features, you will get an honest and competitive quote.



- Review of the electrical connections and conditions in your home
- Recommendation of suitable installation locations based on your personal parking space situation
- Installation, connection & activation at the desired installation location
- Explanation of the charging process
- 36-month warranty



One of the benefits of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids is that they come with choices for recharging. With charging stations in public, at home and potentially at work, plus the option of AC Fast charging and DC Rapid charging (BMW electric models only), topping your car up has never been more shaped around you and your lifestyle.

BMW public charging BMW hybrid vehicles at a charging station in front of a building

Public charging.

The BMW mobility service, ChargeNow, provides access to over 7,500 partner charging stations across the UK. These include public charging provided by BP Chargemaster within their Polar Plus network, which is the largest network in the UK. For more information regarding ChargeNow or to sign-up please click below.
BMW private charging BMW i3 at a charging station in front of a private home

Home charging.

A home can vary in size, dimension and many other ways, which is why BMW has created several choices when it comes to home charging. For those looking for a more permanent solution, offering faster charging, there are home charging units, like the BMW Wallbox Connect or the BP Chargemaster Homecharge Unit. Alternatively, a slower rate of charging can be achieved from a regular 3-pin socket using the standard BMW charging cable.
BMW charging outside place of work man walking by

Workplace charging.

If you travel to work with your BMW electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, you can use the steadily expanding and nationwide network of public charging stations from various operators or where available, the charging stations of your employer. Our partner BP Chargemaster will be pleased to advise and support commercial customers or fleet operators seeking to set up charging solutions at their company location. Simply contact BP Chargemaster for more information regarding their range of services connected with workplace charging.
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Connected Charging.

Finding the nearest charging station in your area is easily done with BMW’s Connected Charging. Integrated into both the onboard navigation and the BMW Connected app, the system informs you of their location, availability and the charging capacity offered. It also lets you know where charging stations are along your predetermined route and points out other nice-to-knows, such as cafes or restaurants that you can visit while charging up.


BMW Wallbox Connect against a dark grey background

BMW Wallbox Connect.

Thanks to the BMW i Wallbox Connect, BMW drivers can charge their electric and plug-in hybrids up to 80% capacity in approximately three to five hours, depending on the model, which is 70% faster than a conventional 3-pin socket. Find out more about the BMW i Wallbox.
BMW Wallbox Plus against a dark grey background

BP Chargemaster Homecharge Unit.

For a safe, simple and tailored home charging solution, the BP Chargemaster Homecharge Unit is a reliable choice. It offers fast charging times, being up to 3x faster than a standard 3-pin plug, while also being digitally connected through the SmartCharge app.
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All new BMW electric and plug-in hybrid models now come with two cables: A standard cable and public AC Fast charging cable. Both are comfortably stored in the boot for easy access.

BMW AC charging cable in front of grey setting

Fast AC charging cable.

When using a public AC Fast charging station, a BMW AC Fast charging cable (Type 2) can typically provide 80% battery capacity in three to five hours.
BMW standard cable in front of grey setting

Standard cable.

Measuring approximately five metres, a standard BMW charging cable can plug into any conventional 3-pin socket and is therefore ideal for recharging at home.
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Discover the potential savings of driving a BMW Electric Car or Plug-in Hybrid in three easy steps.


Discover the potential savings of driving a BMW Electric Car or Plug-in Hybrid in three easy steps.