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The electric drive concept BMW eDrive not only offers maximum driving pleasure, but it does so almost silently and without emissions. Three components form the core of the BMW eDrive: the electric motor, the lithium-ion high performance battery and intelligent energy management.


The drive concept BMW eDrive boasts impressive dynamics. With its combination of electric motor, lithium-ion high performance battery and intelligent energy management, it provides an inspiringly agile driving experience and breathtaking acceleration. And when driven purely electrically, it is locally emission-free.

Electric motor.

Lithium-ion high performance battery

Intelligent energy management

BMW X5 WITH eDRIVE. Discover interactively
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The BMW X5 40e is the first Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) from BMW to combine the intelligent BMW xDrive four wheel drive with an innovative BMW plug-in hybrid system. This vehicle offers efficiency and environmental friendliness in addition to the sportiness and luxury you would expect from BMW.


BMW i8.
The sports car of the future.

The BMW i8 is ready to revolutionise its vehicle class, as the first sports car
with the consumption and emission values of a compact car.

Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 49

BMW i3.
Electric and electrifying.

The BMW i3 is redefining sustainable mobility. With its fully electric drive,
it not only boasts a ground-breaking lack of emissions, but also an especially
agile and pleasurable driving experience.

Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0


Choose from simply charging at home, a charging station in the ChargeNow network, or making use of the Assistance Services; either way, the BMW charging concept makes electric driving a convenient everyday pleasure.

Home charging

Charging on the go with ChargeNow

Charging status


BMW ActiveHybrid.

Through its BMW EfficientDynamics innovations, BMW is repeatedly setting new standards of dynamics and efficiency. The BMW ActiveHybrid models are outstanding examples of how intelligent energy management guarantees perfect interplay between combustion engine and electric motor. The power units are supported by a lithium-ion high performance battery. The interplay between the components is coordinated by an intelligent hybrid system. The result is full hybrids offering maximum efficiency at a peak level of dynamics.
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