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The BMW Concept Z4 epitomises boldness and sportiness to re-occupy leadership in the roadster segment. It’s bold sculpted lines combine perfectly with its wedge-shaped design and retracted bonnet to create an athletic exterior that clearly shows the BMW Concept Z4’s roadster heritage.


There is no place for conventions in this roadster. Outside, the Energetic Orange paint finish showcases the muscular curves to spectacular effect – and places the spotlight on the roadster in every location. At first glance, the flat, retracted front and the low position on the road testify to the forward thrust and sporting ambition of the BMW Concept Z4.


Designed to humble the road with a low-slung profile which hugs the asphalt. Large air inlets and outlets combined with a flat, short and sharp bonnet help form the basis of a muscular and well-defined exterior accentuated with bold sculpted flanks. The lower and bolder double kidney grilles features a honeycomb-like design and adds to the feeling of athleticism that has been so well articulated. All finished in a visually striking Energetic Orange paint keeping the spotlight on the roadster everywhere it goes.


In the interior of the all-new BMW Concept Z4, minimalism meets eccentricity. Nothing is superfluous, nothing distracts. Instead, everything is directed towards the driver and the pure driving experience.
The sports seats, in a two-toned look, add to the charisma of the roadster; the driver’s seat in smooth black leather add to the athletic feel and the orange Nubuck leather of the passenger’s seat provide a characteristic contrast. Both are brought together with chrome panelling and features throughout the interior.
Creating that true open-air feeling iconic to a roadster is the windowless design. Keep an unobstructed view of the world, one road at a time.

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