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We intend to be as much a part of the stories shaping the next 100 years of mobility as we have the last. So we’ll be sharing these stories with you on our platform over the coming months. Articles that will look back on 100 years of BMW, at the technologies and innovations shaping tomorrow’s mobility – plus exclusive videos and pictures of our BMW VISION NEXT 100 and BMW Group Future Experiences world tour.

Legendary vehicles.

BMW is celebrating its 100th birthday, and that calls for a family album. Explore the milestones from 100 years of BMW history and discover some of BMW's most legendary vehicles.

“The dream of the Isar”:
The BMW 507.

BMW first presented the BMW 507 at the 1955 International Motor Show. Elegantly curved lines, muscular front wheel arches and side air vents by designer Albrecht Graf Goertz impressed every car fan at that time. Even today, it still influences the roadster design of the BMW brand.

Legendary pioneer:
The BMW 2002.

The 1966 production start-up for the 02 Series saw driving pleasure conquer the compact, sporty executive segment. With its unmistakeable design and balanced engine, the 1968 BMW 2002 goes down in history.

Genetics reinterpreted:
The BMW X6.

In 2007, BMW presented the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé. By merging SAV and Coupé, BMW surprised the international public with the Concept X6 at the International Motor Show (IAA). The successful model, which is now in its 2nd generation, has been driving the roads since 2014.

Adrenaline fuelled:
The BMW M4 Coupé.

Powerful appearance. Uncompromising dynamics. Maximum driving pleasure. This is what BMW M stands for. The BMW M4 Coupé makes the impossible possible.

The next generation:
The BMW i8.

4.4 seconds, 2.1 litres. The BMW i8 is a sports car with the fuel consumption of a compact car. It is the first of a new era, an era in which the word "premium" is also a measure of sustainability.

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