The Ambassador Programme is a reward based programme for BMW Group Employees/Associates who refer sales leads to the BMW/MINI Retailer network.

The programme is open to all permanent Employees/Associates of the BMW Group companies in the UK. Neither Employees of Park Lane nor contractor/agency staff are eligible to participate.

BMW Group Employees/Associates are invited to register prospective customers for new or used BMW or MINI vehicles (as defined below) via this Programme either on the InfoNet/Intranet or using the registration form attached, in order that the person can be contacted regarding a sale. When a prospective customer is interested in purchasing a BMW or MINI, the BMW Group Employees/Associates should:

  • Offer to take the prospective customer’s details.
  • Capture the name, address, model of interest and contact details of the prospective customer and advise them that their details will be forwarded by BMW (UK) Limited to their preferred Retailer.
  • Complete and submit the Ambassador Programme registration form. It is critical that all the relevant information be included to ensure eligibility.
  • Ensure that the prospective customer’s permission is obtained to provide their contact details to both BMW (UK) Ltd and the preferred Retailer. This consent is a pre-requisite to participation in the Programme. BMW (UK) Ltd will advise the prospective customer of the name of the Employee who has provided their details.

BMW Group Employees/Associates who do not have access to the InfoNet/Intranet should contact their HR department for the relevant forms and details. However, in order to maximise speed and quality of the process, we encourage employees to register online where possible. The referral information will be automatically forwarded to the preferred Retailer (usually within 4 hours).  

The preferred Retailer will contact the prospective customer and make the appropriate arrangements, e.g. test drive etc.  

If the prospective customer purchases a new or used BMW or MINI vehicle from an authorised BMW or MINI Retailer in the UK, the BMW Group Employee/Associate will automatically receive the reward payment set out below.

Valid Sales

  • New and used BMW or MINI vehicles purchased from an authorised BMW or MINI Retailer in the UK.
  • Used cars purchased via the Friends and Family scheme. The existing terms and conditions of that scheme remain unchanged by the introduction of the Ambassador Programme. All referrals via the Friends and Family scheme will be captured via that process and do not need to be registered in parallel on the Ambassador Programme.


The Ambassador Programme shall in particular not apply to the following sales:

  • Private sales scheme (new car discount for BMW staff)
  • Sales to corporate entities
  • Diplomat / Authorities / Military sales
  • Sales of used cars older than 12 months since the date of first registration
  • Sales of Motorcycles
  • Sales to BMW Group Employees/Associates (i.e. recommendation of a colleague)


If the prospective customer’s details are registered by more than one BMW Group Employee/Associate, only the first registration will be valid and will entitle that BMW Group Employee/Associates to receive a reward payment.

Reward Payment

  • The sale of new BMW or MINI vehicles under the Ambassador Programme will result in a payment of 1% of the Net Recommended Retail Price of the relevant vehicle (excluding VAT and on the road costs).
  • The sale of used BMW or MINI vehicles under the Ambassador Programme will result in a payment of 1% of the Invoice Value of the relevant vehicle (excluding road fund licence and warranty costs).
  • The reward payment will be made through the BMW Group Employee’s/Associate’s payroll within three months following the delivery or, in the case of used cars, three months following receipt of the sales invoice (after delivery). Such payments will be non-pensionable and subject to normal PAYE deductions.
  • A reward payment will apply to all relevant vehicles delivered to the prospective customer before 31st December 2018. The Ambassador Programme may be discontinued thereafter.
  • If a referred prospective customer buys more than one vehicle, and all vehicles satisfy the Programme terms and conditions, then a reward will be paid for each vehicle.
  • The BMW Group Employee/Associate referring the sale must be employed by a BMW Group company in the UK, at the time the reward payment is due to be paid.​


Eligibility for this Programme is not a contractual entitlement and BMW Group reserves the right to modify the rules and withdraw the Programme or any participation in it at any time. BMW Group Employees/Associates may in particular be excluded, if they offer vehicles to third parties for commercial purposes.  

BMW Group reserves the right to audit the Programme and, as part of this process, contact prospective customers to verify the authenticity of the transaction. Inappropriate use of the Programme may result in disciplinary action being taken against the BMW Group Employee/Associate.

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