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Breathtaking luxury, revolutionary dynamics and futuristic innovation. The new BMW 7 Series is an exceptional driving experience, with the style and sophistication you’d expect from a beautifully crafted boardroom.

Luxury travel. Redefined.

The most innovative vehicle in its class, the BMW 7 Series heralds a new era in contemporary luxury.
With an enhanced interior offering more legroom and space to unwind, both the standard and long wheelbase
models also deliver impressive performance and efficiency. In addition, BMW 7 Series customers can enjoy
Chauffeur specific benefits, click below to find out more.


Groundbreaking technologies work together to ensure sustainable mobility and maximum efficiency. Standard features of the intelligent energy management system include BMW EfficientDynamics, Automatic Start/Stop and Brake Energy Regeneration, all helping to return impressive emissions figures as low as 124 g/km.

Instinctively take control.

BMW Gesture Control puts you effortlessly in control of unfolding events. Dismiss a call with a wave of your hand. Zoom into an important email with the pinch of your fingers. All with intuitive gestures. The world at your fingertips.

Knowledge is power.

Swift, accurate GPS navigation services that automatically adjusts your route according to real time traffic and driving conditions. The road ahead has never been so clear.
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