BMW iX i20 2020 metallic three-quarter front view


Engine and Fuel Type





Engine and Fuel Type



BMW iX i20 2020 metallic 3/4 front view


The clever balance of precision, through its sharp lines and angles, and minimalism gives the new all-electric BMW iX Sports Activity Vehicle a self-assured presence that is nothing short of courageous. New eye-catching elements include the modernised kidney grille, elegant frameless doors, and 21” Aerowheels.

BMW iX i20 2020 interior view close up of Castanea interior


Step inside to discover a reimagined 5-door driving experience thanks to a stunning new design language. Standout features include the new luxurious seat designs, an immersive Curved Display, a new Polygonal steering wheel and a brand-new generation of Panoramic Glass Sky Lounge.

BMW iX i20 2020 interior centre console close-up


The new BMW iX puts the next frontier of driving in your hands, literally. Thanks to the latest Shy Tech applications, which includes smart materials such as a touch-sensitive crystal panel in the centre console as well as speakers beneath upholstered surfaces, the journey is now more intuitive than ever before.

BMW iX i20 2020 metallic front view in motion on the road


With its dual BMW electric motors, fifth-generation eDrive technology and the latest electric all-wheel drive system, the new BMW iX takes adventures beyond expectations. Offering a superb range of over 370 miles*, it also delivers sports-car levels of acceleration – with over 500hp, it effortlessly powers from 0 to 62mph in less than five seconds.

*Provisional, not yet confirmed data, subject to change without notice.

BMW iX i20 2020 metallic 3/4 front view at a charging station with woman walking


Whether you are at home, work, or on the road, BMW Charging products and services provide charging solutions to suit everyday life. With up to 200 kW maximum charging power, the BMW iX charges from 10% to 80% in less than 40 minutes.


Elegant touches make the new BMW iX unlike any other vehicle. Embracing a futuristic and streamlined shape, it combines minimal flat surfaces with expressive elements, such as the slender twin headlights and rear lights (the slimmest introduced on a series BMW) to reveal pure confidence. Other elements of style include the exterior mirrors, electric integrated door openers and a graphic window, which are all harmoniously integrated with the overall appearance. It’s the face of a new generation.
BMW iX i20 Aventurin Red 2020 front view with woman leaning side of car
BMW iX i20 2020 22” Wheel close up
Birds eye view BMW iX i20 2 vehicles with woman walking
BMW iX i20 partial side three-quarter rear view
BMW iX i20 2020 side view
BMW iX i20 2020 lateral front view kidney grille close up
BMW iX i20 Aventurin Red 2020 front view with woman leaning side of car
BMW iX i20 2020 22” Wheel close up
Birds eye view BMW iX i20 2 vehicles with woman walking
BMW iX i20 partial side three-quarter rear view
BMW iX i20 2020 side view
BMW iX i20 2020 lateral front view kidney grille close up


BMW iX i20 Aventurin red three quarter rear side view with woman standing at side


Turn up the style volume of the BMW iX with the optional Sport model. The scintillating BMW Aventurin Red Individual Paint finish contrasts against the Black high-gloss on the rear apron, which is coupled with a Titanium Bronze exterior trim. What’s more, athletic details such as the enlarged triangular elements found on the front design ramps up the confidence levels.


Sitting in the new BMW iX feels like the future. A sophisticated and relaxed ambience is peppered with high-tech and luxurious comforts that simply redefine the joy of the journey. Re-engineered seats, including new lounge seats in the rear, feature a beautifully crafted asymmetrical diagonal design with additional contrasting seams. Other stylish elements include the transparent and intelligent centre console, which replaces buttons with sensors and features a iDrive Touch Controller in a high-quality glass optic.
BMW iX i20 interior view
BMW iX i20 2020 interior centre console and Stonegrey seats

Panorama glass roof.

The Sky Lounge end-to-end panoramic glass roof can be electrochromically shaded to protect against direct sunlight, while offering privacy when needed.
BMW iX i20 Castanea Centre console, steering wheel and seats

Hexagonal steering wheel.

Inspired by the world of racing, BMW's first hexagonal steering wheel, with new multifunctional buttons, makes getting in and driving more comfortable.
BMW iX i20 centre console and steering wheel side view close up

BMW Curved Display.

The 12.3″ Information Display merges with the 14.9″ Control Display to create a single curved display unit. It takes driver centric controls to the next level.


BMW iX i20 metallic birds eye view in motion on the road


Thanks to the individually adjustable recuperation system and the adaptive 2-axle air suspension, you can expect both greater range and enhanced handling settings, from sportier driving to pure comfort. What’s more, owing to the one-pedal dynamics, where the vehicle automatically brakes when taking your foot off the pedal, drivers also get to enjoy the effortless, floating effect found with electric driving.


The BMW iX is the modern driving experience we’ve all been waiting for. Boasting BMW’s latest Shy Tech controls – first revealed on the original concept car – drivers can now enjoy a minimal and almost-hidden world of intelligent functionality. Found both inside and outside the vehicle, new features include the new frameless BMW head-up display projector, which is now almost invisible, to the front BMW roundel that doubles as a lid for the windscreen washer fluid.
BMW iX i20 interior centre console panel and steering close up
BMW iX i20 front view kidney grille close up

Intelligent kidney grille.

The completely closed BMW kidney grille is an intelligent surface with camera, radar and ultra-modern sensor technology, as well as cleaning systems and heating elements.
BMW iX i20 Interior rear seat speakers close up

Hidden speakers.

The speaker panels of the surround sound system are invisibly embedded behind the fabric of the door panels, as well as directly in the headrests.
BMW iX i20 rear view close up

Rear-view camera.

The rear-view camera is cleverly integrated in the black surround of the BMW logo at the rear of the vehicle.


BMW iX i20 user interface Castanea man in drivers seat

A new layer of intelligence is shaping the way we explore. Thanks to the latest BMW iDrive, which delivers a combination of innovative sensors and artificial intelligence, driver and vehicle are more connected than ever before. The BMW iX uses the enhanced iDrive to be far more personal and serves a seamless bridge to your digital life. Add to this the typical driver-oriented design, such as the latest aesthetic control panels, and the journey is ready to deliver a far more rewarding and luxurious experience.


BMW iX three quarter front view i20 metallic


BMW’s commitment to maximising performance efficiency goes beyond the state-of-the-art eDrive technology. The new BMW iX also boasts a weight-optimised body concept with intelligent lightweight construction, which is complemented by a streamlined greenhouse, reduced joints and a flat underbody for improved aerodynamics. From every angle, this all electric Sport Activity Vehicle is ready to evolve the way we explore.

BMW iX side view i20 metallic


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