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Frequently asked questions about BMW – together with their answers.

If you would like to know more about BMW UK, our products and services, please view our most frequently asked questions.

How can I purchase an Owner’s Manual for my vehicle?

How can I order a brochure for a vehicle that I am looking to purchase?

How and where can I visit a BMW Plant in Germany?

I have heard that there is a new model being released at a later date, please can you provide me with some more information?

I would like to test a BMW extensively. Is it possible to have a test drive over an entire weekend?

Where can I obtain information on the history of BMW?

I am interested in working within the BMW Group organisation, how can I view the current vacancies and how do I go about applying for a role?

Will my mobile telephone work with the Bluetooth telephone system in my car?

Who do I contact if I have any queries regarding my vehicle?

Who do I contact if I have any concerns regarding the service I have received at my BMW Centre?

Who do I contact if I have any questions relating to my financial agreement with BMW Financial Services?

Who do I contact regarding my BMW Emergency Service policy?

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