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During every journey you can rely on the comprehensive range of safety devices in your BMW. But, of course, the unexpected can still happen. If the worst comes to the worst, Intelligent Emergency Call automatically cares for assistance.

With you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. BMW Teleservices is a collection of intuitive technology features standard across the BMW range that make your life as a BMW owner easy, from remembering to book a due service, to monitoring the health of your battery and even providing technical support if needed when you’re out on the road.

Intelligent Emergency Call.

If an airbag is deployed, Intelligent Emergency Call automatically contacts the BMW Call Centre via an accident-proof telephone unit permanently installed in your vehicle – independently of your own mobile phone, both at home and abroad. Specially trained personnel will then establish contact with you, inform the emergency services and give you support by telephone – in your native language if possible.

To enable rescue services to promptly prepare the required care for those involved in the accident, the precise position of the vehicle, plus other data relevant for the rescue services, such as risk of injury, number of passengers, model and colour of the vehicle is all sent from the vehicle automatically. The emergency call can also be triggered manually, using the in-cabin SOS button, if you need to summon assistance for other road users.

Intelligent Emergency Call

BMW Accident Call.

Part of the joy of driving a BMW is the comforting feeling that should the worst happen, help is just a call away. BMW Accident Call is a service dedicated to assisting drivers when they need it most. If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in a low impact accident, there’s no need to worry. Our dedicated BMW Accident Assistance team are there to put you at ease.

Damage is detected via sensors on your BMW and a warning message will be displayed within the vehicle. By pressing the iDrive controller, an automatic voice connection is initiated, straight through to one of our accident assistance agents. Our first priority is safety – if anyone involved in the accident is injured, or if the police are required, the emergency services will be called on your behalf. If there are no injuries and the car can be driven, details of the accident will be transferred directly through to your preferred BMW Approved Bodyshop. If the car is undriveable, there’s no need to worry. The accident assistance agent will arrange recovery for you and your car to your chosen BMW Approved Bodyshop. Your vehicle will then be repaired by trained and experienced BMW technicians, using only genuine parts, and BMW approved repair methods. Accident Call means you can enjoy driving your car safe in the knowledge that BMW is there to assist in getting you safely back on the road.

Automatic BMW Teleservice Call.

With all the appointments you have to remember, it’s good to know the date of your next BMW service isn’t one of them. Your BMW’s condition based service sensors continually monitor fluid levels such as engine oil, and wear-and-tear components such as brake pads. So if a service is needed, your car sends us the relevant data via an automatic BMW Teleservice call to your preferred BMW Centre. Once they’ve analysed the data, they call you to arrange an appointment. The BMW Centre uses this information to prepare for your visit. They’ll order any required parts so they’ll be available when you arrive, helping you to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Having to remember when your vehicle’s due for a service is a thing of the past – we’ll do the remembering for you.

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BMW Teleservices works alongside BMW ConnectedDrive, to provide you with effective and continuous care throughout your BMW ownership. If you wish to assign or change your BMW Service Partner, you can submit a request using the button below.

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